LA PAZ Cheap Nike Air Max Womens , Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- Mexico's Club Puebla have signed Bolivia international midfielder Alejandro Chumacero for the 2018 season, the Liga MX side said on Sunday.

The 26-year-old, who will join the club from Bolivian outfit The Strongest, will meet up with his new teammates in January following a medical.

"I'm excited about this new challenge in my career and ready to give my all for these colors," Chumacero said in a social media post.

Chumacero began his professional career as a teenager with The Strongest and had a season with Brazil's Sport Recife before returning to his original club in 2013.

He was one of the leading scorers in the 2017 Copa Libertadores with four goals from eight matches.

Watch Sinbad Se1 Ep2 Episode 2 Recently on Sinbad Season one Episode 1 "Episode 1", Sinbad and his sibling Jamil inadvertently causes the death of your noble's son. The noble kills Jamil and Sinbad escapes prison Cheap Nike Air Max Clearance , only for his nanna to curse him to never spend more than a day's time on land formerly. Now Sinbad must placed sail for foreign lands that has a crew of strangers plus stowaways.

On this week's Event title "Episode 2", Trouble follows after Sinbad plus the crew are taken prisoner by the Water Thieves and its queen, Razia.

On the run by his home town associated with Basra and under a curse for just a killing that led to the death of his much-loved brother, the streetwise Sinbad detects himself cast out that will sea. Surviving a violent in addition to magical storm, both Sinbad and his or her intriguing fellow ship-mates are forced to band together to manage their inner demons, hopes Cheap Nike Air Max Online , loves and fears. Our flawed hero embarks with an epic and emotive quest to rid himself from the curse and embrace her destiny. When mystical meets muscle anything can happen.

Sinbad a retelling from the well known legend in addition to Sky's latest stab at an original drama series. The series hails through Impossible Pictures and comes with a large cast which includes newcomer Elliot Knight, Marama Corlett (The Devil's Double) along with Naveen Andrews (Misplaced). The overall premise from the series is that Sinbad, destined to wander that seas, teams up with an eclectic crew and so they sail off and encounter magical creatures and supernatural occurrences as Sinbad tries to rid himself in the curse that that won't allow him align foot on land.

The opening episode on the show is used to be able to lay the groundwork to the series proper. In that episode, airing this coming Saturday, the eponymous character (performed by newcomer Elliot Knight) Cheap Nike Air Max Wholesale , while rigging a fight to receive his "big score", accidentally kills his opponent who issue to be next in line to get the Emir of the city of Basra and is a son of the current Emir's brother, Lord Akbari (Naveen Andrews). From there the situation soon spirals unable to cope and sees Sinbad along with his brother (and partner in crime) arrested from the city guards and produced before Lord Akbari, who decides the fastest way to avenge his son's death would be to make Sinbad watch since he executes his buddy. Sinbad then escapes custody along with returns home where his or her own grandmother, heartbroken by the alternatives Sinbad made which led to the death of her brother, places a cursed amulet around his neck which will kill him if he she remains on land for multiple day at a time. Sinbad Cheap Nike Air Max Black , with the help of your old friend, quickly flees the city and sneaks fully briefed a merchant ship, The Providence.

Sinbad is then introduced to the eclectic band of characters about the ship: Gunnar, the Norwegian sailor; Rina, the ship's resident thief; Nala, the daughter of the African diplomat; and Anwar Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes , a doctor from any privileged family. Alas, Sinbad is quickly identified and locked up under decks. But when a substantial storm hits, he is quickly unveiled and proves instrumental in saving the ship, and most of his her crew-mates, from said storm and some form of "water spiritdemon" that appears around the ship.

HELSINKI, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) -- A group of Finnish divers announced that they have discovered a wreck of Russian warship sunk in the Gulf of Finland 100 years ago Cheap Nike Air Max , Finnish Daily Helsingin Sanomat reported on Thursday.

Badewanne, a Finnish diving research team, told Helsingin Sanomat that the wreck of the Russian destroyer Ispolnitelnyi was found in the western part of the Gulf of Finland.

The divers believed that the vessel belonged to the Russian Navy's Lieutenant Burakov class during World War I, on the basis of the structure and location of the shipwreck.

"Ispolnitelnyi", the name of the battleship, was identified by using digital image processing technology based on five Russian letters found on the wreckage.

In December 1914 Cheap Air Max Womens , Ispolnitelnyi traveled with seven other Russian warships from Helsinki to Estonian archipelago, where the squadron had to regroup and continued to sail to the German operated water in the northern Baltic Sea.

The ships encountered a heavy storm when they sailed in the Golf of Finland, Ispolnitelnyi was sunk by rogue waves together with Letuchiy, another vessel in the Russian Navy's Lieutenant Burakov class on Dec. 12, 1914.

Nearly 130 crew members on the two ships died in the accident.

"These vessels are long and narrow. They were built for speed, but they couldn't stand heavy sea waves Cheap Air Max Clearance ," explained Jouni Polkko, member of the diving team.

Built in 1905 in France, Ispolnitelnyi was one of the destroyers in the Russian Navy's Lieutenant Burakov class, which participated in World War I in the Baltic Sea for patrol.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Florida Thursday to survey damage caused by Hurricane Irma and learn about relief efforts.

Trump will be joined by First lady Melania Trump, Vice Pr.