TORRANCE puma ignite sk , United States, July 15 (Xinhua) -- Honda will voluntarily recall more than 1 million Accord vehicles in the United States after receiving several reports of the cars' battery sensors causing fires in the engine, the Japanese automaker said Thursday in a statement.

Approximately 1.15 million Accord vehicles produced between 2013 and 2016 in the United States would be subject to the recall, said the company.

Honda said it had received four reports of engine compartment fires in the United States related to this issue, all within the states where salt is used to clear roads in the winter.

"There have been no reported injuries related to these incidents puma tenisky vypredaj ," it said.

According to the company, the battery sensors installed in the affected vehicles may not be sufficiently sealed against moisture intrusion.

Over time, moisture intrusion may bring road salt or other electrically conductive substances inside the battery sensor, leading to corrosion and eventual electrical shorting of the sensor, it said.

A shorted sensor can heat up through electrical resistance puma court star sk , potentially resulting in smoke coming from under the hood or, in the worst case, a fire, it added.

Honda said it will notify registered owners of all affected vehicles by mail beginning in late-July. Faulty sensors will be replaced, while sensors in good condition will get an adhesive sealant for temporary repair before being replaced when parts are available.

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