by Jessica Washington

SYDNEY Nike Shox España Baratas , July 31 (Xinhua) -- Snakebite victims have to wait too long for antivenom, according to a new Australian report released on Monday, which said access to the potentially life-saving treatment has not improved in over 10 years.

The report from the Australian Snakebite Project said that although snakebites are a fairly uncommon occurrence, when a venomous snake does actually attack a human, the treatment does not arrive fast enough.

The toxicologists behind the research looked at data from 2005 to 2015, and found the time from snakebite to first dose of antivenom had barely changed over the 10-year period.

Prof. Geoffrey Isbister from the University of Newcastle led the study Nike Shox España , and said there is room for improvement when it comes to closing the gap between bite and first dose of antivenom.

"We know that giving antivenom early is better, and we simply aren't doing enough of that now," Isbister told Xinhua on Monday.

"It's not a matter of a delay in the patient getting to hospital - in fact, what we are seeing is a delay that occurs in the hospital."

The reason for the holdup within hospitals, according to Isbister, is because many victims of snakebites experience delayed onset of symptoms - for example Nike Shox NZ Blancas Rojas España , it can take up to eight hours for a paralysis to develop.

"Another symptom is blood thinning - that means a patient has to go through a clotting test, and it could take an hour or even two for the results to get back from the lab," Isbister said.

However, snakebite victims also have to be concerned about their reaction to the antivenom, as the study found that of the 755 patients who received antivenom, almost 25 percent had hypersensitivity reactions to the treatment - and for this reason Nike Shox NZ Blancas Plata España , Isbister said accurate detection is crucial to ensure better patient outcomes.

"Antivenom can cause severe reactions so we definitely do not want to give it to people who may have been bitten but have not been envenomed," Isbister said.

"Safer antivenom is important and something that can be worked towards, but more importantly, accurate diagnosis and swift treatment is key."

Early detection is crucial when it comes to saving lives, and Isbister warned hospitals against relying on "inaccurate" snakebite venom detection kits - as the research noted that of 597 snake venom detection kit test results, 17 percent were incorrect Nike Shox NZ Full Plating Mujer Blancas Jade España , and 36 percent falsely diagnosed healthy patients as envenomed.

"The kits are not supposed to be used to determine whether a patient has been envenomed, but rather which antivenom should be used - so they are often used incorrectly."

"But even when they are used correctly, they are often inaccurate. They are expensive and unnecessary, and in most cases we can determine the antivenom based on geography and symptoms."

Despite the ongoing concerns, the report did highlight some improvements, as it concluded that smaller doses of antivenom are sufficient to save a snakebite victim than the amount used in the past Nike Shox NZ Mujer Blancas Rosa España , which Isbister said should help hospitals offset the cost of pricey antivenom treatments.

"The cost of antivenom is unlikely to change, it's something that will always be expensive but what this trend to lower doses of antivenom over time shows is that we can use less per patient," Isbister said.

"Antivenom has an average shelf life of about two years, so knowing that patients need less antivenom than what was previously administered will decrease the cost and waste for hospitals. A lot of antivenom is thrown out every year."

Although there is a worldwide perception that Australia is home to thousands of dangerous snakes that could fatally strike at any time, Isbiter played down any concerns that locals, and tourists might have Nike Shox TLX Mujer Negras Rosa España , and said snakebites are very uncommon.

BEIJING, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- China, a country pursuing a path of peaceful development, proves to be a staunch and positive force in safeguarding world peace and development.

Since the beginning of the new century, China's enthusiasm in participating in international affairs has greatly enhanced.

Sticking to the path of peaceful development, China has become a contributor to world peace and development Nike Shox OZ D Mujer Negras Rosa España , and has worked side-by-side with the rest of the international community to deal with various global and regional challenges.

As a founding member of the United Nations and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has always supported the important role played by the United Nations in international affairs.

Over recent years, the country has become a major contributor to the United Nations peacekeeping operations, undertaking an increasing amount of tasks including global peacekeeping, escorting in high seas and international humanitarian relief.

It contributes more troops to U.N. peacekeeping missions than any other permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. More than 30,000 Chinese peacekeepers have served overseas since China started to participate in peacekeeping missions in 1990.

Meanwhile Nike Shox Turbo 2 Mujer Blancas Rosa España , China currently is the second-largest country to share United Nations' peacekeeping costs from 2016 to 2018, just behind the United States.

In addition, China has also played an important role in promoting Iranian nuclear talks, South Sudan's domestic reconciliation, political settlement of the Syrian issue and the Afghan peace process.

As many Chinese officials have stressed, the reality of China as the largest developing nation in the world has determined that development is its primary task for governance.

The historical gene of peace-loving of the Chinese people Nike Shox R4 Mujer Blancas Rosa España , their painful sufferings in the contemporary history, their aspiration for development and the historical trend of peace and development in today's world have all determined that China will not seek its

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