nglish court."

She called for the British government to take steps against Russian agents operating inside Britain in light of the report.

In his 326-page report Hydro Flask Coffee 16 OZ Coffee UK , Owen said that based on the evidence he had seen, the operation to kill Litvinenko was "probably" approved by then-FSB head Nikolai Patrushev and by Putin.

Owen said Litvinenko "had repeatedly targeted President Putin" with "highly personal" public criticism.

The British government appointed Owen to head a public inquiry into the slaying, which soured relations between London and Moscow. He heard from dozens of witnesses during months of public hearings last year, and also saw secret British intelligence evidence.

Announcing his findings at London's Royal Courts of Justice, Owen said that "there can be no doubt that Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by Mr. Lugovoi and Mr. Kovtun" in the Pine Bar of London's luxury Millennium Hotel on Nov. 1 Hydro Flask Coffee 20 OZ Coffee UK , 2006. He died three weeks later of acute radiation syndrome.

"I have concluded that there is a strong probability that when Mr. Lugovoi poisoned Mr. Litvinenko, he did so under the direction of the FSB ... I have further concluded that the FSB operation to kill Mr. Litvinenko was probably approved by My. Patrushev, then head of the FSB, and also by President Putin."

LONDON, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- Following are the standings of English Premier League after Sunday's match (tabulated under games played Hydro Flask Coffee UK , won, drawn, lost, goals for, goals against Hydro Flask 12 OZ Kids Wide Mouth UK , points):

1 Leicester City 13 8 4 1 28 20 28

2 Manchester United 13 8 3 2 19 9 27

3 Manchester City 13 8 2 3 27 13 26

4 Arsenal 13 8 2 3 23 11 26

5 Tottenham Hotspur 13 6 6 1 24 11 24

6 West Ham United 13 6 3 4 24 20 21

7 Everton 13 5 5 3 24 16 20

8 Southampton 13 5 5 3 19 14 20

9 Liverpool 13 5 5 3 17 15 20

10 Crystal Palace 12 6 1 5 14 12 19

11 Stoke City 13 5 4 4 11 12 19

12 West Bromwich Albion 13 5 2 6 12 17 17

13 Watford 13 4 4 5 12 14 16

14 Swansea City 13 3 5 5 14 18 14

15 Chelsea 13 4 2 7 17 23 14

16 Norwich City 13 3 3 7 16 24 12

17 Newcastle 13 2 4 7 13 25 10

18 Bournemouth 13 2 3 8 14 27 9

19 Sunderland 12 1 3 8 13 26 6

20 Aston Villa 13 1 2 10 10 24 5

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- Death threats and abusive emails and phone calls have become common occurrences for the Swedish Migration Agency's staff members, Swedish Television reported on Monday.

Many of the roughly 160,000 asylum seekers who arrived in Sweden during the 2015 refugee crisis have by now been told whether their asylum applications were successful or not.

It is not uncommon for rejected asylum seekers to threaten their case officers as they are notified that they have to leave the country, a Swedish Television survey suggests.

"You tend to look behind your back when you leave work Kids Hydro Flask UK ," said Helena Liss, the Migration Agency's head health-and-safety officer. "There could be someone standing behind the door. You walk around with this fear and it has to be processed," she said.

Swedish Television's survey looked at the past year's reported incidents by case workers at the Migration Agency's Stockholm offices, and it noted that staff members have a tough work environment.

This year, between the months of July and August alone Hydro Flask Straw Lid 40 OZ Wide Mouth UK , a total 25 incidents of threats against employees were reported. Six individuals were contacted outside of work and 12 of the incidents involved psychological strain for the employees.

Magnus Rodin, the Stockholm Migration Agency's regional manager, said that the Agency files police reports whenever it can but that, in some cases, the individual employees must report the incidents themselves. Rodin said threats and violence toward staff members are "unacceptable".

"The Migration Agency has significantly increased the number of staff members in a short time since a lot of people came to Sweden in a short period a couple of years ago. So we have had a significant increase in cases that are very troublesome and tough and then the number of reported incidents has increased Hydro Flask Straw Lid 32 OZ Wide Mouth UK , too," Rodin told Swedish Television.

Health-and-safety officer Helena Liss said it is becoming more common for asylum seekers to contact their case workers outside of their work place -- on social media, by phone or at home.

The Migration Agency urges its staff members to exercise caution on social media in order to avoid threats and, at the offices, there is security guard at each reception in order to help prevent serious incidents.

Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark arrives in Malaga Hydro Flask Straw Lid UK , Spain

People visit Pentagon Memorial to honor 911 attacks victims

40th International Sanicole Airshow held in Belgium

Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida Keys

China, Pakistan air forces hold joint training exercises

Pic story: Chinese grape and wine expert

Farmers busy with farm work around Bailu across China

Rural children take free lunch in SW China's Guizhou

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