A local indie band performs in Wuhan Men's Nike Air Force One Deconstruct Premium Grey Sale , Hubei Province in 2014. Photo: IC
Chen Hongyu and Ma Yuyang, two independent musicians, kicked off their Z-Turn music tour of China on March 11。 Covering 27 cities across the nation in 100 days, the duo decided to set themselves apart from other tours by not heading out in a tour bus, but instead relying on the kindness of others as they hitchhiked their way to each destination。

Setting off from Beijing, the two have already held shows in seven cities so far and are expected to arrive in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province on Friday。 With each performance the not-for-profit tour has been gaining momentum, currently tickets ($10 and under) for the next three concerts - Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen - have sold out。

Chen is the founder of a music community called Zhongyueji, which releases an annual music compilation and holds monthly performances with the intention of gathering music enthusiasts together。 In 2015, Chen and his partner Ma launched their first compilation。 Surpassing the duo‘s expectations, countless fans began asking for tickets to their shows online。 Based on their increasing popularity, Chen received 2 million yuan ($300,000) in angel investments。

Chen knows how to take advantage of the power of the Internet。 While producing his first personal album, he initiated a crowdfunding program on musikid that helped him secure the funds he needed。 Along with the publishing of the liner notes on music site xiami, the album was extremely popular among young literature and art lovers。

On March 11, loads of fans and musicians gathered at the duo‘s first show in Beijing, which was something of a debut concert for the tour as well as a farewell party。

“I‘m crazy about the unknown and looking forward to every stop on this tour, especially Xiamen, because I’ve never been there before,” Chen told the Beijing Times。

When it came to planning a budget for the tour, Ma explained that they didn‘t worry about the details。

“Most of our expenses are for food, because hitchhiking and couch surfing are totally free, ” he said。

“But we‘re bringing our bank cards just in case。”

As part of their planning, the entire tour is being filmed into a documentary。 Additionally, Chen and Ma are sharing their pictures, video clips and recordings via their personal microblog, as well as an audio diary on Zhongyueji‘s public Wechat account。

“We have been very lucky in that we‘ve met nice hosts all the time,” Ma said。 He recalled that when they were in Wuhan, Hubei Province, their host took them to try lots of local food。 After a short chat they learned that the host heard of them through a well-known figure and had fallen in love with their songs,“ Ma said。

Each host has been friendly, sharing their stories with the duo。 Chen explained that this has made them feel like they are really “on the road,” something which he greatly appreciates。

Actually, this is not the first time Chen has taken a hitchhiking tour。 Back in 2013, he accomplished a 60-day tour that covered more than 6,500 kilometers and 16 cities in China。 Accompanied by music, Chen slept in tents or acted as a “couch surfer。” He got free rides 58 times, and lead a life that many youths who love culture and art dream about。

Dismissed by former US president Barack Obama as a place explorers had already seen, the Moon has once again gained interest as a destination under Donald Trump's presidency.

Private sector companies in particular are energized by the prospect of future space exploration missions. Even though Trump himself has said little about the subject, his close circle and some former NASA officials have made clear their interest in returning to the Moon.

Billionaire Elon Musk Nike Special Field Air Force 1 Black High Boots Sale , the president and chief executive of SpaceX, along with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who also runs a rocket company called Blue Origin Nike Special Field Air Force 1 White High Boots Sale , have met with Trump's advisors several times. "There is certainly a renewed interest in the Moon in the Trump administration," said John Logsdon, former director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University.

NASA's current focus is on developing what will be the world's most powerful rocket Nike Air Force One Low Men's Premium Black Sale , known as the Space Launch System, which will propel a new capsule, Orion Men's Nike Air Force One High Premium Black Sale , to deep space, one day carrying people around the Moon, to an asteroid or even Mars by the 2030s.

Since the US-run space shuttle program ended in 2011 Men's Nike Air Force One 07 Low Gold White Sale , NASA has forged partnerships with private industry, including SpaceX and Orbital ATK, to resupply the International Space Station (ISS). SpaceX plans to start sending astronauts to the ISS as early as 2018.

SpaceX said last month it had signed its first contract to send two space tourists on a trip around the Moon at the end of 2018 Nike Air Force 1 Low Jester XX Men's All White Sale , but did not give many details. SpaceX has also vowed to send an unmanned spacecraft to Mars in 2018.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported that its owner Bezos is working on an Amazon-like delivery service to the Moon. The proposal has not been made public, but was circulated to the Trump team and NASA in the form of a white paper Nike Air Force 1 Upstep Low Jogging Particle Rose White Sale , the report said.

The goal of the project is to enable "future human settlement" on the Moon.

"It is time for America to return to the Moon - this time to stay," Bezos was quoted as saying in an e-mail to the Post.

The lunar soil is also believed to be rich in rare Earth minerals that are widely used in electronic devices.

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