A thought is an energy. Energy always wants to manifest itself.

Energy can not be stocked or blocked. It will get out anyway. If you do something to prevent your energy from flowing http://www.stlouisbluesteamstore.com/ad … rtz-jersey , it will find another way to express itself. If you do not follow your own energy, your intuition, if you swim against the stream of your own flow, energy will express itself in sickness, tiredness, depression, skin diseases, temper tantrums, agressiveness and other not so pleasant things.
So why not follow the road where your energy takes you? This is your road, your way!

Do you know the song "I did it my way"? Well, if you do things your way, if you dare being yourself, you will feel the energy.

As long as you try to be somebody else to please your parents, peers, husband, wife, boss, children, neighbours or whatever, your energy will be stuck.
Ok, you say, but won't I become selfish, an outlaw, a social disaster by following my own road? No! You will become yourself. That is freedom : to be yourself.

See the world like a big wardrobe. Everybody has his own costume. There is only one that fits you perfectly. As long as you try to be someone else, you are walking around with a costume that is either too small or too big for you. You don't feel comfortable in it. And what else is, you "stole" a costume that belongs to someone else! That means you are not at the right place doing the right thing with the right people! You took someone else's place, someone else's costume!

How can you know if you are at the right place, doing the right thing with the right people? There is a very simple criterion to find out : the questions stop in your mind! This spinning machine in your head that was torturing you for years has just stopped by itself! You can feel it : you feel good, everything is "right", your talents are asked for and you have the greatest pleasure to offer them to the those around you. Everything falls at his place. Questions vanish and make place for peace.

As long as you torture yourself with all these questions, it means you still didn't find your right spot on earth. You are doing an activity that somebody else should be doing. And your "job" is getting done by someone else who is not at his right place either! You see? It's like a puzzle : if everyone is at his right place doing the thing he knows the best, everyone would be at peace, filled with energy and health, and everyone would live in wealth.

Go searching for your right place. The moment you stop being harassed by so many questions and you feel your energy flowing in your veins, you know this is it! You are on your road, your road to freedom. This IS freedom!

Look for it, go for it!

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