Things to Consider When Buying a Mobility Walker

For anyone with a physical disability or limited mobility … erg-jersey , a mobility walker or walking frame can help to maintain a greater level of mobility and independence. If you or someone you know is needing a mobility walker, make sure you take the time to consider all of your options and find a model that is going to be suited to the needs of the user.

The first thing to consider is the lifestyle of the person who will be using the mobility walker? Is the walker going to be used indoors? Do they often have to travel far from home? Do they take a bus or have a transport provided for them? Are there suitable paths in the house for a walker?

In the home, a mobility walker can provide much needed support and stability during a range of every day tasks. While it may not be essential for the user to have the walker with them at all times in the home, it is good to have it stored in an easy-access place, should they need it.

A lot of people with a physical disability prefer to have an independent and active life for themselves. This can be made possible with mobility walkers. While it can be a very difficult task to take a walk to the bus stop unassisted, the same trip can be managed more easily if a walker is used.

In case you want to take the walker on the bus, you would want a model that is not very heavy and can be easily folded small enough to fit. While most walkers can be folded, not all of them can be folded with limited mobility and strength.

While an overly heavy model is not always necessary, you do want the walker to be stable enough for the user. Most of the latest versions of walkers are made with aluminium tubing which is both strong and light.

Choose a model that has a range of height adjustment to suit the user. For the walker to be comfortable, the handles will to be at the right height. Too low and the person using the walker will have to slouch. Too high and they won’t easily be able to use it to take their weight.

If the walker is going to used to walk any distance outside of the home, having an inbuilt seat is a must. There are a range of different mobility walker seat options but the two main things to consider are the height of the seat and the padding. Make sure that the seat is at a comfortable height or can be adjusted to suit and ensure that the seat is padded enough for the user.

Some models have a limited amount of storage space in a basket or rack on the front of the walker. Depending on the person using the walker, they may want this storage space to take a wallet, purse or glasses case with them on walks. This space can also be used to carry a small amount of groceries or other items from a trip to the shops.

The wheels of the mobility scooter should be sturdy and non-slip. Most walkers have wheels made from hard foam or rubber making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Purchase a walker with more durable wheels if it is to be used in the outdoors a lot.

Another interesting feature found in most walkers is that of brakes. These can be used to slow the walker while they walk down slopes and can be locked while sitting on the seat. Before making your purchase, check whether the brakes are well-built, or in good condition if the walker is second-hand.

To get more information on the suitable mobility walker for your needs, get opinions and suggestions from people who have already used walkers. You can also get a lot of information about specific models from manufacturers and mobility walker dealers. Read reviews on the internet and make price comparisons before you pick the one that is best for your specific requirements.

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