Dynapower USA has a wide variety of enclosures that have been crafted to provide high concentration Cheap Marco Estrada Jersey , high content and affordable rackmount case designs. We pride ourselves in being able to modify or customize any rackmount case design in a bid to provide OEMODM services. Our rackmount case variety is geared to satisfying business standards which include affordability, scalability, utmost reliability and space optimization. All of our rackmount server case models suit industrial Cheap Dalton Pompey Jersey , cloud computing and data center environments.

The 1U series 19-inch rackmount case is well suited to meet all your computing needs and it optimizes the space on your server rack generously. Its thermal cooling system features cooling fans and a front tunnel for cool air intake. It has different customized IO shields to facilitate different motherboard types and to allow flexibility for storage or server applications. This rackmount server case supports a maximum of 4x built-in hot-swappable drive trays along with integrated SATASASSCSI IDE and mini-SAS backplanes.

The 2U rackmount case features full size expansion slots that support three add-on cards which may include PCI, AGP, PCI-X or PCI express architecture. This rackmount case has an optional 7 x slot low-profile backplane for supporting any add-on cards in multiple system environments. The 2U rackmount server case comfortably fits standard ATX2U power supplies for high power requirements while the storage series supports up to 8 hot swappable drive trays. It also features integrated SASSATAIDESCSIMini-SAS backplanes. There are 2U Entry level Cheap Justin Smoak Jersey , Advanced-level and RAID Storage models.

The 3U rackmount case is meant to cater for the space requirements and riser cards limitations of 2U. It has the same internal capabilities as the 4U, i.e. standard ATX, extended ATX motherboard support and 7 slots for full size Add-on cards. This rackmount Server Case comfortably fits 2U or 3U power supply units in single or redundant forms. The storage series supports a maximum of 16 hotswappable drive trays with integrated SATA Cheap Kendrys Morales Jersey , Multilane SATA, SCSI, SAS backplanes. Thermal control boards and hotswappable ball bearing fans are optional upgrades for the system.
Dynapower USA?s 4U rackmount server case line is engineered for many applications to optimize your server technology via our ISO9001 certified OEMODM capability. With this we serve VARs Cheap Roy Halladay Jersey , IT application providers, and military users among others using simplified and cost effective components. These rackmount case optional features include: full 7x expansion slots, multilane cable management Cheap Jesse Barfield Jersey , Mini Redundant PSU and high efficiency PS2, hotswappable fans, ATX to EATX form factors and 14 to 19 slot passive backplanes.

The 5U rackmount case is specially made for extra drive capability systems and high availability fault tolerant servers. This rackmount server case supports 24 hard drive trays with hotswappable bays plus the optional features of the 4U rackmount case making it the most ideal enterprise level storage server system.

The 6U rackmount case supports full size redundant power supplies allowing it to run a maximum of 36 hard drives. It is suitable for space critical data storage equipment and servers which require advance configured add-on cards. It easily handles Extended ATX motherboards and industrial SBC board systems thanks to its optional 20 slot passive backplane. These rackmount server case further features fault detection and alarm notifications to enable it monitor its own hardware status inclusive of power ONOFF Cheap Roger Clemens Jersey , hard drive, fan temperature and LAN LEDs.

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