MEXICO CITY Throwback Indianapolis Colts Jerseys , Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- The interim coach of Mexico's national soccer team, Ricardo "Tuca" Ferreti, said they are not afraid to face Argentina, though he said they do respect their rival, local press reported Tuesday.

Mexico and Argentina will play a friendly match on Tuesday in Dallas, United States.

"We know they have talent, but we are not going to play with fear. When we have the ball we are going to do our best. Neither me or my players are afraid, though we respect the rival," said Ferreti in a press conference held on Monday.

"Playing against Argentina is always a good opportunity. I hope my players will show that we also have great power, that we have very capable players just as the rival has," he added.

Ferreti also said Argentina has undeniable skills but that Mexico has to be confident. He affirmed Mexico will seek to attack and will defend properly.

Regardless the final result, what is really important is the performance of the players, said Ferreti.

On the other hand, Argentina's coach Gerardo "Tata" Martino said Lionel Messi might play just few minutes against Mexico.

"Messi is alright and we know the people is eager to watch him play, but we have to take care of the players' condition," said Martino.

Martino admitted Mexico is not an easy rival, adding that in the recent years the Mexican team has had a good performance thanks to the players who are part of European teams.

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