The Irish Water Spaniel is the largest and one of the oldest spaniels. It is also a very rare breed of gun dog in the United Kingdom and the United States. Their unique curly coat enables them to work in cold weather but Jamaal Charles Broncos Jersey , requires a good deal of care and has contributed to the decline in popularity of the Irish Water Spaniel in the field.

Devoted and fun loving, the intelligent Irish Water Spaniel makes a great pet. Good with children and a capable guard dog, these dogs are perfect for active families who can spend a bit of time on grooming.

The Appearance

Height: 20 23 inches
Weight: 45 65 pounds
Lifespan: 10 12 years.

The Irish Water Spaniel is the largest of the spaniels. The muzzle is long, square and powerful and the long ears are covered with curls. The body is sturdy in contrast to the very thin, whip like tail. Webbed feet assist in swimming.

The most distinctive feature of the Irish Water Spaniel is its dense, curly coat that comes in a purple brown hue. The curls cover the entire body of the dog except for the face and the long, rat like tail. A dense undercoat helps insulate the dog even in the coldest of weather. The coat does not shed but does require a lot of grooming as it can tend to mat.

Using in the Field

The Irish Water Spaniel is an all around gun dog ideal for hunting waterfowl and upland birds. It is considered to be a flushing dog that can retrieve, but will not point. This rare dog is prized by hunters who enjoy hunting around water as they can swim in any weather, are small enough to sit in a rowboat, but large enough to assert strength in the field.

The Irish Water Spaniel is very quick to learn and it is important to keep the dog active in the field. Excellent swimmers, they have considerable stamina and drive, and a very good nose. Their clownish attitude makes them entertaining in the field.

At Home

The non shedding, hypoallergenic coat of the Irish Water Spaniel makes these dogs an excellent choice for families. They get along very well with children and with other pets. They make very good family dogs and can be trained to guard and protect as well. The Irish Water Spaniel is a quiet dog that will bark only when necessary, but when they do it is a deep and fierce bark.

These dogs are very athletic and need a long, brisk walk or job every day. An ideal home for an Irish Water Spaniel will include a clean, safe river or lake for swimming and retrieving.


As the name implies, the Irish Water Spaniel hails from Ireland. No records were left by Justin McCarthy who developed the breed but it is believed that the Water Spaniel, Portuguese Water Dog and the Barbet were involved.

The Irish Water Spaniel was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1878.

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