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GAZA, March 11 (Xinhua) -- For women, office job, teaching or nursing might be the best job, but 40-year-old Salwa Sorour preferred to be the first female kindergarten bus driver in the conservative Palestinian Gaza Strip.

Every day at 6:00 in the morning, Sorour would set out to to pick up little kids and drive them to the kindergarten owned by her sister.

""Such a job is a taboo for women in Gaza, but I really like it because I like both driving and children,"" Sorour told Xinhua while driving on a main road in Gaza city.

Sorour said she decided to help her sister after she had many troubles with male drivers.

""Many people think driving a bus is a man's job, but I broke a taboo today and I'm going to be the start of change,"" she said with a proud smile. ""Men can not deal with little children as women can.""

For Sorour, still single, being with kids everyday gives her a feeling of maternity that she cannot find in other job.

""This job gives such a great feeling. I'm a mother of dozens of children... I really treat these children as my sons and daughters and they really love me and all of them call me mama,"" she happily said.

""Mama Salwa helps me a lot during the break at the kindergarten. I love her,"" five-year old Nour told Xinhua as she was about to get out of the bus. ""She tells us beautiful stories when we are in the bus.""

Sorour's sister and owner of the kindergarten, Saeda, said that her sister is a great example of women trying to promote gender equality and a living proof that women can carry out any kind of work just like men.

""My sister is a great driver, mother and caretaker,"" she proudly said. ""She is a pioneer among Palestinian women now.

Sorour confesses that the job is extremely difficult and wearisome, especially when it comes to having some accidental mechanic problems, but with much resilience she overcomes all these hitches.

""I'm always armed with my self-confidence and spirit to reach my goals,"" she stressed.

Despite the great role she plays, Sorour suffers from criticism from the conservative Gazan society, which is ruled by Islamic Hamas movement, for choosing such a job.

But she believes that such criticism cannot demoralize her since she loves and believes in what she is doing.

Sorour believes that no job can be man-only if women have the will and the appetite. Before she became a professional driver, Sorour had also worked as electronic appliances fixer and a broker.

""I was raised up to be independent and my family has implanted self-confidence in me since I was a child,"" she said.

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) issued data on Tuesday, which marked the International Women's Day, showing women participation in labor force is less than one fourth. The wide gap in participation rate shows that female involvement in labor force is only 19.1 percent. The latest statistics cited advancement of female labor participation by nearly 90 percent since 2001.

The official report shows a gender gap in wages, which women make daily wage of about 21 U.S. dollars compared to daily wage of 27.5 U.S. dollars for men, without explaining whether or not the unofficial sector is included in the statistics.

According to the official statistics, about half of the women with 13 years of education and above are unemployed, while the unemployment rate in general is 39.2 percent for women against 22.5 percent for men.

" " Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier spoke at the ground-breaking ceremony in Tianjian yesterday

Europe's largest aircraft manufacturer Airbus started construction on Wednesday on a new facility to deliver wide-body planes in China, as it faces off against bitter US rival Boeing for market share in the world's second-largest economy.

At a ceremony in the northern port of Tianjin Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier and Chinese officials officially broke ground for the completion and delivery centre that will produce two A330 planes per month.

The centre is an expansion of the firm's existing final assembly plant for A320 single-aisle aircraft in the city.

It (Other OTC: ITGL - news) comes with China's economic growth at its weakest in a quarter of a century and concerns over its outlook sending shivers through global stock exchanges.

But Bregier said that ""this is not true for our market"", adding that increased middle-class incomes and easing visa rules were driving a boom in Chinese air travel.

The world's second-largest economy is already Asia's biggest aircraft buyer as a growing middle class takes to the skies in ever-increasing numbers. The country is forecast to have 1.7 billion air passengers by 2034, and is poised in the next two decades to become the largest civil aviation market in the world.

The new $150 million centre is the company's first such facility for wide-body aircraft outside Europe, and ""marks a new milestone for Airbus' international footprint"", Bregier said.

It will take flyable unpainted aircraft from their headquarters in Toulouse, France and add cabins, furnishings and paint, before they are delivered to customers.

Boeing also plans to open a completion centre in China, it announced last year. The company sold 300 aircraft worth a record $38 billion during President Xi Jinping's visit to the US in 2015.

The two firms have been in a fierce battle for market share in China, where Airbus says it has gone from 27 percent in 2004 -- before it opened the Tianjin final assembly line -- to roughly 50 percent today.

The country is now Airbus' largest market, accounting for nearly a quarter of the planes it delivered in 2015. Days before the ground-breaking, Air China (HKSE: 0753-OL.HK - news) announced orders for 12 wide-body aircraft for $2.9 billion.

""I understand that our competitor is try

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