KINGSTON, June 3 (Xinhua) -- Jamaica's Olympic 4x100m relay winner Nesta Carter tested positive in the 2008 Olympic Games re-analysis, reports said on Friday.

Carter tested positive for banned stimulant Methylhexanamine in his A sample, part of a batch of 454 from the 2008 Beijing Games the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ordered to be re-tested, according to a Reuters report.

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) said in a statement on Friday it had been notified by the IOC that one of its competitors had returned an adverse analytical result but did not name the athlete.

The JOA said they would will reveal the names of violators until all the proceedings are finished.

More than 30 athletes from six sports were tested positive in the 2008 Olympics re-test and the IOC already launched disciplinary action against the as yet unidentified athletes from 12 countries and regions.

Twenty-three more positives were found following a re-test of 265 samples from the 2012 London Olympics, the IOC said last week.

Russia has said 14 of its athletes from the 2008 Olympics had tested positive for banned substances and eight more from the 2012 Games.

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