PARIS, May 6 (Xinhua) -- Formula E world championship has confirmed on Friday to cancel the second season's ninth stop which was previously scheduled to take place in Moscow on June 4.

Organizers of the global electric racing series released a statement together with the local authorities to announce that the Russian capital dropped the race "due to recent and unforeseen circumstances related to road closures and traffic management".

"While it is unfortunate news not to race in Moscow on June 4, we looked at a number of alternative options as a replacement but were not able to find a viable solution on that specific date," said Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag.

"We explored all possibilities including returning to Monaco, but regrettably couldn't organize the change of venue on such short notice," he said.

The Principality was on the FE Championship list in the 2014-2015 season.

"We will now focus on the three remaining races in Berlin and the double-header in London, which I' m sure will deliver a thrilling conclusion in the battle for the championship," added Agag.

The most recent race of the 2015-2016 season was the seventh stop staged in Paris on April 23, when Brazilian driver Lucas di Grassi won to stretch his lead at the top of the drivers' standings.

Formula E is a new FIA championship featuring single-seater cars powered exclusively by electric energy. The sport's governing body FIA reckons it representing a vision for the future of the motor industry over the coming decades. Enditem


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Bermuda grass descends from Africa and Asia and came to America via Bermuda, and so the name Bermuda grass came. Bermuda grass features deep roots. The roots can grow as strong as 6 feet! The optimal temperature for growth is 59-99 degrees Fahrenheit. In the Winter, this grass goes dormant but once temperature ranges rise, it swiftly regrows. It does finest in whole sunlight. It struggles to develop entirely shade. This makes Bermuda the right warm weather sod for San Diego. If you ought to keep a environmental friendly lawn year round, you will need to over-seed with rye grass during the winter. It is a simple process and requires a couple of weeks for your winter lawn to grow. Bermuda is ideal for high traffic lawn and sports fields.

In San Diego, there a selection of varieties of bermuda grass that can be purchased. A number of common options are Tifway, Tifgreen and St. Augustine. Tifway has various common functions and is good for home use. Tifway is dark green and have a medium blade that is soft and durable. It can be used on golf fairways and sport fields. Tifgreen, in contrast, is lighter in color and is perfect for putting greens. There is slightly more servicing required to keep it in putting green condition. St. Augustine’s bermuda grass has a fuller blade and does well in both sun and shade. One drawback to St. Augstine is that you are not able to over-seed it in the Winter.

Tall fescue grass is not as sturdy as Bermuda because it also has a deeper root system which enables it to handle cooler weather. Tall fescue develops to 3-4 feet if left while bermuda doesn’t get very high. It remains around 2 inches long. If you need to make a choice from the two forms of sod, consider the high and low temperatures in your area and also the shade. If you reside where it’s very sunny and heated, opt for bermuda. In any other case, fescue might be your option.

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