If you are looking to lose weight Nick Nelson Raiders Jersey , stay fit, or just have fun, boxing may be the perfect sport for you. However before starting any boxing program, a beginner must have the right equipment. There are many types of equipment, brands and choices out there when it comes to boxing gear, so new boxers should get acquainted with what boxing necessities they will need beforehand.

To prevent injuries, new boxers need to start out with the proper head gear. Head gear prices typically range from $30 60, with more expensive exceptions depending on quality and brand. They keep damage from head blows at a minimum by reducing cuts. Look for head gear that has adequate padding. Beginners can use cheek protectors and face savers, but those looking to compete professionally aren t allowed to use them. I would recommend something basic but high in quality like Everlast Durahide headgear. It costs about $35 which is great for beginners.

The next important piece of equipment that beginners need, and is often over looked is the mouthpiece. Mouthpieces are deceiving because some can cost as little as $2. But since mouthpieces protect your lips, teeth, and gums from damage, a more expensive custom fitted piece is the best choice for beginners. These are pricey, but you can t put a price on quality protection. Order custom pieces online or in specialty martial arts stores. They will fit your mouth perfectly and ensure that they will not fall out when sparring.

Since boxing is primarily done with hands, another big item that you need to consider is hand wraps. Hand wraps are very inexpensive as they typically cost less than $10. These are important for all types of boxing and especially sparring and practicing on bags. They will protect your hands from burns and chaffing and support your wrists as well. Hand wraps are imperative, do not leave them out of your shopping.

And now we come to boxing gloves in which the varieties are numerous. Gloves with lace ties are for professionals. Whereas beginners may want gloves with velcro straps, as they are good for training and easy to put on. As far as size goes, gloves come in the standard small, medium, and large sizes. Men typically use large, women medium, and children small. Adult gloves weigh anywhere between 10 20 ounces, but beginners may want to use something in the 12 16 ounce range. Standard sparring gloves weigh 14 16 ounces and are heavily padded. Professional competition gloves are much lighter and weigh 10 ounces.

But boxing would not be complete without boxing shoes. Made of lightweight leather, prices vary for boxing footwear just like sneakers. They come in low tops and high tops, but the most important thing is that they are breathable and they fit well. Adidas is a very popular brand among boxing shoes, so I would suggest giving them a try.

Just remember to try everything on and that perfect fit is essential when it comes to boxing equipment.

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