The rapid development of integrated system


Due to the pressure of international Competition and market globalization in the 21st century Trenton Cannon Jets Jersey , there continues to tie strong driving forces in industry to compete effectively by reducing manufacturing times and costs while assuring high quality products and services.

Current industries are taking the new challenges: quick response to business opportunity has been considered as one of the mast important factors to ensure company competitiveness; manufacturing industry is evolving toward digitalization, network and globalization. Therefore, new products must be more quickly developed, manufactured and introduced to the market. In order to meet the demand of rapid product development, the various new technologies such a1 reverse engineering RE), 3DCAD,rapid prototyping, and rapid tooling (RT) have emerged and are regarded as key enabling tools with the ability to shorten the product development and manufacturing time. For example, it has been claimed that RP can cut new product development costs by up to time to market by 9I10In.l In the form of a better design, more design a 3D CAD model can be shown to the customer for ;approval and prevents mi5undei:standings. A virtual prototyping is employed to guide in optimization of the product design and manufacturing process planning, which may result in the accurate determination of the process parameters, and reduce the number of costly physical prototype iterations. Rapid tooling technique after fast and low cast method to produce moulds. And shawl a high potential for faster response to market demands. When properly integrated among 3D CAD. CAE, RE. RP and RT. these technologies will play much more important role to reduce further the development cycle and cost of the product production. On the basis of above technologies, a novel integrated system of rapid product development is to he founded so as to meet the requirement of rapid product development.

In this paper, we have presented an integrated system based an RP for rapid product developing. The system consists of four modules: digital prototype, virtual prototype, physical prototype and rapid tooling. It employs fully and integrates closely the various advanced manufacturing technologies which involve the 3D CAD. RE. CAE. RP. anti RT.

In this system, the procedure of development from design to end product is worked step by step: design, analysis, rapid prototype and tooling by evaluating the whale process and its various components, and comparing them with traditional process, it has been clear that one can reap benefits in various ways. The system can effectively compress the design and manufacturing cycle time and reduce the development cast, which is an important factor in competition. Using this integrated system to develop new product shows a high potential far faster response to market and customers' demands. As a result, it will play a mare and mare important role to reduce the manufacturing cycle and cast of product development in the future.

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) -- The IOC has approved all the 26 gymnasts from the FIG pool of Russian eligible athletes for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, announced the International Gymnastics Federation on Friday.

Following are the names of the list:

Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Angelina Melnikova

Aliya Mustafina

Maria Paseka

Daria Spiridonova

Seda Tuthkalian

Reserve: Natalia Kapitonova

Reserve: Evgeniia Shelgunova

Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Denis Abliazin

David Belyavskiy

Nikolai Kuksenkov

Nikita Nagornyy

Ivan Stretovich

Reserve: Vladislas Poliashov

Rhythmic Gymmastics Individual Competition

Yana Kudryavtseva

Margarita Mamun

Reserve: Alexandra Soldatova

Rhythmic Gymmastics Group Competition

Vera Biriukova

Anastasia Bliznyuk

Anastasiia Maksimova

Anastasiia Tatareva

Maria Tolkacheva

Reserve: Daria Avtonomova

Reserve: Kseniia Poliakova

Women's Trampoline

Yana Pavlova

Men's Trampoline

Dmitrii Ushakov

Andrey Yudin

" A sump pump - flooded basement or not, every basement needs one. If you have ever had a leak or flooding in your basement, you already know that this will come in handy. If you haven't had any such experience but have your washer and dryer in the basement, you still need one because there is always a possibility that you might get a leak that could lead to a flooded basement.

Basements usually have sumps . A sump is the lowest area in your basement towards which any water that leeks or seeps into the basement will flow. By law of gravity, water flows downwards so if your clothes washer springs a leak, the water will accumulate at the sump. Some homes have sump pits. A sump pit is a hole at the bottom of the basement where the water that gathers at the sump is intended to be collected. Usually this pit is connected to a sump pump that pumps the accumulated water out.

Types of sump pumps

There are three types of sump pumps: the pedestal or upright type, the submersible type, and the portable sump pump.