KAZAN Adidas Ultra Boost Sale , July 24 (Xinhua) -- Olympic diving gold medallist and four-time world champion He Zi of China said on Friday that she wants to defend her title at the worlds and take a walk around Kazan.

He will take part in women's three-meter springboard.

"Kazan is a beautiful city. I may say a very lovely view opens along the way between the Athletes' Village and the Aquatics Palace. But that' s all what I have seen so far. I hope to still have a chance to take a walk around Kazan," she said.

"Actually, I am in town for the first time, but I have such a feeling as if I had already lived here for many years New Ultra Boost Sale ," she added.

He said her aim here is to defend her title. "I have absolutely no intention of giving up the title. This is my major motivation," she said.

"My biggest rival is myself," she added when asked about her rivals.

The Kazan world championships kicks off Friday.

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