Russia-friendly Czech President Milos Zeman won the first round of voting to retain his job on Saturday cheap nike air max wholesale , but pro-western runner-up Jiri Drahos will be a formidable opponent in the second round vote in two weeks, nearly complete results showed.

The vote is seen as a referendum on the 73-year-old Zeman, in office since 2013, who has criticized immigration flows from Muslim countries and Germany's decision to accept migrants.

While most Czechs share his views on immigration, Zeman's inclination towards far-right groups and his warm relations with Russia and China have split public opinion cheap nike air max trainers , with a sizeable chunk of the electorate favouring pro-western candidates, including 68-year-old academic Drahos.

Czech presidents have limited executive powers, but Zeman and his predecessors have had a strong influence on public debate. They are also pivotal in forming governments.

With votes from 98.9 percent of districts counted, Zeman led the race with 38.6 percent of votes, while Drahos had won 26.6 percent.

That mean s a run-off needs to be held cheap nike air max , and the balance of power may be closer than the first round showed. Four other candidates who ended between the third and sixth place and among them won 32.5 percent, all endorsed Drahos for the second round due on Jan. 26-27.

""This looks hopeful,"" Drahos told supporters and reporters at a Prague theatre after most results had come in.

Zeman, who had shunned public debates ahead of the first round, accepted Drahos' challenge to a television duel and said he hoped voters could make up their own mind.

The outcome may also influence Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis's chances of forming a cabinet. His first attempt to rule in a minority administration is likely to be rejected by parliament next week.



by Maria Spilioupoulou

ATHENS nike air max mens uk , June 23 (Xinhua) -- After an extraordinary eurozone summit on the Greek debt issue ended inconclusive on Monday in Brussels, Greece and its international creditors were locked in nonstop deliberations on Tuesday in a race to finalize a debt deal by Wednesday's new emergency Eurogroup meeting.

The 8-billion-euro (9 billion U.S. dollars) worth of fiscal consolidation and reform measures Athens tabled on Monday in the final stretch after five months of negotiations may avert the threat of a looming bankruptcy and possible Grexit, but Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will have a hard time passing the agreement in parliament in coming days, local media and analysts noted.

The Athens Stock Exchange opened with gains on Tuesday reflecting once again the contentment of part of Greek economy and society for the prospect of any deal that will stave off default.

The general price index rose by 2.6 percent compared to Monday when it skyrocketed by 9.0 percent. However, the market's euphoria was not widespread due to the heavy cost of the settlement nike air max womens uk , and these mixed reactions were mirrored in the front pages of Greek dailies on Tuesday.

"The road is open. A big step towards a solution -- The country stays in the euro zone" Imerisia (Daily) newspaper read. "Catastrophe for small businesses," Dimokratia (Democracy) counter argued.

"The government is very close to an agreement with creditors... The next 48 hours will be crucial... We should have an agreement within the week and I think that we are on a good course," government spokesman Gavriil Sakellaridis told Greek media on Tuesday.

The clock is ticking. On June 30, the extension of the second bailout the two sides agreed to in February expires. Also on June 30, Greece needs to make a 1.6-billion-euro loan installment repayment to the International Monetary Fund. With Greek state coffers almost empty nike air max shoes uk , it would be difficult to avert a credit event with no agreement.

Sakellaridis said on Tuesday that the debt deal which outlines the terms of cooperation with lenders until 2017 should be voted on in the Greek parliament before June 30, as creditors requested, before any funds are unlocked.

In a message to Greek members of parliament (MP), he defended the painful set of measures Athens pledged to implement in exchange for the disbursement of further aid as a painful, but necessary nike air max online uk , evil to overcome the crisis.

Nevertheless, the Greek official acknowledged that Greece's latest proposal, which foresees raising revenues mainly from tax hikes and savings in the pension system, was not very close to the ruling Syriza party's anti-austerity policy stance.

Critics of the proposal within the Greek business world, opposition parties nike air max free shipping uk , and some Syriza members, also disputed the claim. They argued that the proposed measures would lead Greece back to the vicious circle of recession and prolong the suffering of Greek people if the government did not secure a clear response by creditors on the debt relief issue and a strong growth program.

Amidst mounting domestic reactions that fuelled fears of political instability that could send all the latest efforts to keep Greece afloat off track, Sakellaridis issued a warning on Tuesday.

If Syriza deputies and legislators of the co-ruling right-wing Independent Greeks party don't back the deal and the five-month government loses parliamentary majority (Syriza currently holds 160 seats in the 300-member parliament), there would be no other option than to call snap general elections, he underlined.

Meanwhile nike air max wholesale uk , Independent Greeks party leader and Defense Minister Panos Kammenos said he would not vote in favor of scrapping a 30-percent VAT discount for the Aegean Sea islands.

In remarks to local media, Deputy Parliamentary Speaker and Syriza MP Alexis Mitropoulos said that "such antisocial" measures could not be brought to the assembly for approval.

Syriza lawmaker Yannis Michelogiannakis also rejected the proposals as catastrophic, claiming that a group of fellow Syriza MPs shared his view. At l. Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys China Wholeasale   Cheap Shirts   Cheap NFL Hats   Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys   Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys   Cheap College Shirts   Cheap MLB Hoodies China   Wholesale Hats   Wholesale Jerseys China