TRIPOLI, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- The Libyan revolution, which started from Benghazi in 2011, has marked its sixth year with no positive change but trapped the country into endless chaos.

For the majority of Libyans, the revolution has produced only violence and terrorism.

Most Libyans regret overthrowing Gaddafi, not because they love his regime but because the alternative was not up to their expectation. Jalal Fituri, a university professor, told Xinhua.

Chaos and insecurity replaced the security grip six years ago. What's worse is the corruption all over Libya, he added.

"When we demonstrated against the regime, we were dreaming of freedom and enjoying our wealth. However, we are now surrounded by criminals and warlords. Instead of enjoying our oil wealth, poverty has increased and citizens are helpless," he said.

Ibtisam Naili, a nurse in Tripoli, said she believes there was an international conspiracy in the revolution.

"Those who demonstrated against Gaddafi's regime in 2011 were fooled by Libyan politicians abroad who wanted power so badly. They took the power by brainwashing young Libyans," she said.

Naili said Libya has been divided by conflicts across the country.

"The west and east are separated and the result is three rival governments that claim legitimacy and two parliaments in the east and the west, both claiming to represent the Libyan people," the nurse noted.

Demonstrations against Gaddafi's regime broke out on Feb. 17, 2011 in the eastern city of Benghazi and soon spread to other cities. Weeks later, the peaceful demonstrations turned into armed conflicts between Libyan rebels and Gaddafi's forces.

In Oct. 2011, the rebels captured and killed Gaddafi in his hometown Sirte, overthrowing his 42-year regime.

"We went to the streets spontaneously. We were united even though we did not know each other. We had high hopes and everyone was dreaming of a new stable and prosperous Libya. But unfortunately, not every wish can come true," Mohamed Al-Ne'mi, a rebel from Tripoli, told Xinhua.

But the man does not lose hope for his country.

"We will be patient and have faith in our cause despite the chaos in our country. We are still optimistic about the future."

Najwa Al-Hami, a human rights advocate, told Xinhua that what happened in Libya was anything but a revolution.

"How could it be a people's revolution while three quarters of the people supported Gaddafi?" asked Al-Hami.

"Is the protest of hundreds in every city a revolution? I believe western intelligence was behind it to change Gaddafi's regime by force," he said.

"The revolution belongs to every politician who has double citizenship and has bank accounts abroad. They are very keen to celebrate the anniversary because it is the reason they are in this position," he said.

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