JINAN Men's Nike Air Jordan 12 Vachetta Tan For Sale , Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- China aims to boost yields of a "super corn" through research on inbred corn lines, according to the research team.

The "super corn," coded "Denghai 618," was cultivated by Li Denghai, a well-known corn breeder in east China's Shandong Province. Its yield hit a record high of 1 Jordan 1 Chameleon For Sale ,335.8 kgmu (15 mu is equal to one hectare) in a 10-mu experimental field and 1,151.6 kgmu in a 100-mu experimental field this year.

Guo Jiucheng, deputy head of the Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Bureau, said on Thursday that Li's research aims to improve the corn's yield to 1,350 kgmu by 2020 and 1 Jordan 1 Rebel Chicago For Sale ,400 kgmu by 2025.

Li said he will select wild corn plants for the research to help boost the yield.

With less than 10 percent of the world's farmland, China produces one-fourth of the world's grain and can feed its 1.3 billion people on its own.

To ensure food security, the country must continue to boost grain production. Experts said that corn is expected to account for half of the country's grain increase in the future.

China's corn output has jumped 43 percent in the previous four crop years and reached 217 million tonnes in 2013.

NEW YORK, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- Blake Griffin had 22 points and a season-high 16 rebounds, and Chris Paul had 22 points and a season-high 15 assists as Los Angeles Clippers handed Charlotte Hornets their sixth straight loss on Monday night.

Griffin was 10 of 23 from the field and finished one assist shy of a triple-double. Jamal Crawford had 21 points and J.J. Redick added 17.

The Clippers were 15 of 32 from 3-point range Jordan 1 Rebel Top 3 For Sale , while the Hornets were just 2 of 20.

HONG KONG, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- A major loophole in mobile payment systems was discovered by researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), which made the finding public on Thursday.

The discovery was made by the System Security Lab led by Professor Kehuan Zhang from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at CUHK, which has analyzed various major mobile payment systems for their security vulnerabilities.

In mobile payment transactions, the key to communications between the mobile payer and payee is a payment token that is issued by the payment service provider to verify the payment.

Some of the most widely adopted forms of transmitting these tokens include Near-Field Communication (NFC) Jordan 1 Womens For Sale , Quick Response Code (QR code) scans and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST).

According to Zhang, whose team has spent two years in conducting an in-depth study into these payment systems, apart from NFC, the remaining formats support one-way communications only.

In other words, if the transaction fails Jordan 1 Mens For Sale , the payee's device is unable to notify the payer and cancel or reclaim the token already issued, a loophole that an active adversary can exploit.

In regard to QR Code scanning, a popular format of token verification, the study has revealed that a malicious device is able to sniff the token from the payee's screen from afar and spend it on a different transaction.

As for MST function uniquely used by Samsung Pay, payers are required to place their handsets within a 7.5 cm distance of the payees' POS (Point of sale) for identification.

But after a series of tests Jordan 1 Flyknit For Sale , the team discovered that the magnetic signals can be picked up from 2 meters away. A rogue in a supermarket queue can seize the opportunity to attack and steal the token.

The team has notified relevant third party payment platforms and Zhang reminded mobile payment users to stay alert and avoid downloading mobile apps from unknown sources.

The result of the study has also been released at USENIX Security '17, a prestigious annual academic conference on internet security, held last month in Vancouver, Canada.

Railway linking Shangqiu, Hefei Jordan 1 Velvet For Sale , Hangzhou under construction

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner attend Chinese National Day reception in Washington D.C.

Greek president visits exhibition of Ancient Chinese Science and Technology

Labour Party's Annual Conference closes in Brighton, Britain

Four pandas from SW China make debut in NE China's Shenyang

Modern manufacturing, transport help six Chinese provinces develop fast

A look at Kantuman Bazaar in China's Xinjiang

Scenery of terraced fields in Houyuan Village, China's Fujian

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