SAN FRANCISCO Joel Eriksson Ek Youth Jersey , Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- Researchers at theUniversity of Washington (UW) are developing the first smartphoneapplication, or app, that is capable of detecting concussion andother traumatic brain injuries in the field.

The app, known as PupilScreen, can detect changes in a pupil'sresponse to light using a smartphone's video camera and deeplearning tools - a type of artificial intelligence - that canquantify changes imperceptible to the human eye.

As described in a paper presented this week at Ubicomp 2017 Zach Parise Youth Jersey ,PupilScreen can assess a patient's pupillary light reflex almost aswell as a pupilometer, an expensive and rarely used machine foundonly in hospitals.

It uses the smartphone's flash to stimulate the patient's eyesand the video camera to record a three-second video.

The video is processed using algorithms that can determine whichpixels belong to the pupil in each video frame and measure thechanges in pupil size across those frames.

In a small pilot study that combined 48 results from patientswith traumatic brain injury and from healthy people, clinicianswere able to diagnose the brain injuries with almost perfectaccuracy using the app's output alone.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)estimates about half of the 3.8 million concussions per year in theUnited States from recreational sports injuries alone still goundiagnosed, putting millions of young players and adults at riskfor permanent cognitive deficits.

A broader clinical study later this year will put PupilScreen inthe hands of coaches, emergency medical technicians Mikko Koivu Youth Jersey , doctors andothers to gather more data on which pupillary responsecharacteristics are most helpful in determining ambiguous cases ofconcussion.

And the team of UW computer scientists, electrical engineers andmedical researchers hope to release a commercially availableversion of PupilScreen within two years.

"Having an objective measure that a coach or parent or anyone onthe sidelines of a game could use to screen for concussion wouldtruly be a game-changer," Shwetak Patel, a professor of ComputerScience & Engineering and of Electrical Engineering at the UW,said in a news release. Enditem

SOFIA Mike Reilly Youth Jersey , July 2 (Xinhua) -- The first Asian festival was held in one of the biggest parks here on Sunday with the aim of showing culture and history unknown to many Bulgarian citizens.

The festival was organized by the joint efforts of the embassies of China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan Chris Stewart Youth Jersey , Palestine, Syria, Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea Eric Staal Youth Jersey , Vietnam, and Japan, with the support of Bulgarian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Tourism and Sofia Municipality.

During the 10-hour event, held under the slogan "Asia Close-up," the audience enjoyed culinary Tyler Ennis Womens Jersey , as well as musical and dance performances. Meanwhile, the host embassies provided calligraphy and arts workshops as well as children's games.

Bulgaria's Vice President Iliyana Yotova opened the event, calling it a great feast that shows the magic of Asia.

She said the festival demonstrated the diversity and uniqueness of each of the 12 countries and regions, and also the spirit of each of them.

On behalf of the participating countries and regions, Sri Astari Rasjid Jared Spurgeon Womens Jersey , the Indonesian Ambassador to Bulgaria, said the Asian festival was to introduce the rich Asian culture to Bulgaria, and hopefully open new trade opportunities.

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