How to make hip hop beats? This is a question which a lot of novices want a concrete answer to. The reason why this question gets asked so frequently is simple. Hip hop is a simply amazing genre of music! From its humble roots James Neal Jersey , hip hop has come a long way. Lovers of this genre of music have made the sound evolve to what it is today and let me just say that their efforts paid off!

Let?s start with the basics. What are the essential components used in hip hop songs?

MIDI Drum patterns, also known as audio loops which is what basically comprise the drum tracks is an integral component of the beat.

A bassline, which is also a MIDI drum sequence is used.

Supporting Orchestration: Along with the drums a lot of other instruments are used, this is all included in the supporting orchestration. For example, synthesizer pads are commonly a part of the supporting orchestration.

Lastly, Dubs and Snips are used to give character and identity to the song. It takes one to have passion for and enthusiasm in beat making to become a successful hip hop beat artist. When you have the passion and soul for it, everything just gets automatic. You have the fire in you. Music lovers know that. Just as it is easy to play the piano or guitar when you love what you are doing, it is also easy to make your own rhythms with a beat maker.

When you have the desire, go for it. Anybody can have a passion for any kind of music. One plays the violin. The other loves working with electric guitars. Others want drums. Beat making is fun. In fact, beats are integral in music. All songs have beats. They are basic. Singers sing to the beat. Dancers dance in the beat. Hip hop artists get on with the beat.

So how do you go about making your own hip hop beat?

We all know that drums are the most integral part of the beat when it comes to hip hop. So first, figure out your drum groove. This is where MIDI comes into play, but since MIDI isn?t the best option for beginners, you can start by editing samples which are freely available online.

Then put in some bass. This is essential if you?re planning on making a hip hop beat. Fabricate this so that it brings out the best in the drum beat you just figured. This too is done with the help of MIDI.

Then put in the orchestration. The basic function of orchestration is to support the beat skeleton you?ve already created. Then put in sampling, but while you?re doing so, make sure it isn?t illegal. Why don?t you ask a local or upcoming artiste for a free sample to work with?

Lastly, play with the sound and add effects. Make sure that the effects you add brings out the best of what you have created and you?re all set to master the technique of making hip hop beats. I?m hoping that answered your question!

LONDON, April 22 (Xinhua) -- Visiting U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday voiced his support for Britain to remain in the European Union (EU), in a message certain to be attacked by Brexit campaigners.

Obama said he was speaking ""with the candor of a friend"" in a message published in the Daily Telegraph, one of the leading broadsheet newspapers in the country. He began a three-day visit to Britain late on Thursday.

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