A pair of good tennis shoes is a precious companion for every tennis player. Not only do they allow you to stay in style but they are also important in helping you feel comfortable as you play every game.

Besides Wil Myers Jersey , tennis is a highly competitive sport that will require the best of your speed, strength, and stamina. It will definitely be an advantage on your end if you can wear the right pair of shoes each time you step on the court.

Nike is a company that seems to have mastered the craft of creating amazing footwear for tennis athletes. For this article, we've compiled the top 5 tennis shoes from Nike. Read on so you can choose which one is best for you!

Nike Air Max Courtballistec 2.3

This pair of tennis kicks boasts the same technology used by its predecessor, the Courtballistec 1.3. Thankfully, it comes with great improvements such as better synthetic leather and mesh upper. This is very comfortable to wear and it allows you to move easier on the court.

Nike Air Max Breathe Cage II

With the outsole's herringbone pattern, this promises you with great grip during gameplay. Ventilation is also superb so that means your feet will feel at ease all the time.

Nike LunarLite Vapor Tour

The LunarLite is one of the most expensive pair of tennis shoes in Nike's arsenal but the great thing about it is you will surely get your money's worth. If you know the importance of accuracy and speed on your game, then this shoe should be your choice. Its lightweight build and excellent cushioning makes it a wise pick for many serious players.

Nike Air Court Del Mar III

On the other side of the coin is the Del Mar III which is an affordable alternative for most. Its true fit forefoot design and Tri-Vis Air Sole technology makes this worth-buying.

Nike Zoom Advantage

This one belongs in the midrange category so it strikes a balance between LunarLite and Del Mar III. This is perfect for anyone wanting a nice pair of kicks that delivers amazing comfort and sensitivity.

Where to Buy

These tennis shoes from Nike are literally everywhere nowadays. For once, you can simply visit your nearby shoe sellers and you will find some of these products there. In case they are not available, you can speak with one of the store's representatives and ask them to order the pair you need.

Other than that, those who prefer to purchase shoes via the internet can also enjoy that option. There are a lot of retailers that sell authentic Nike products on the internet. Your main goal is to look for reputable sellers so you know that you will really get your money's worth when you buy from them.

Most of the time, images and product descriptions are posted for each shoe model. Along with that, reviews and feedback from other buyers and tennis shoe users are included for your reference. These details can help you see the pros and cons of particular products that's why reading them can be for your best benefit.

Of course, information about the price can be seen in each product. Take the time to check the company's shipping rates, too just to get a good idea about the overall amount that you will need to prepare. Accessing more Nike tennis shoes information will surely be for your advantage!
HANGZHOU, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- China's meat processors are angry at a report from a WHO research institute which said bacon, sausages and other processed meats are carcinogenic.

Media said the report was made by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Liu Jintao, vice marketing manager of Shuanghui, China's largest pork producer, said the IARC report was "deeply regrettable."

"The report, though claiming to be published for human health, is in fact inhumane," he said.

He said air, water, and meat are essential for humans and their side effects should not be exaggerated.

"Meat processing technology is part of human civilization and it shall not been destroyed by being labeled 'carcinogenic'," he said.

According to the report, processed meats -- such as sausages, bacon, and other cured meats -- were a Group 1 carcinogen because of their links to bowel cancer. Red meats, such as beef and lamb, were placed in Group 2A as "probably carcinogenic to humans."

From January to June this year, Shuanghui sold 753,000 tonnes of processed meat and posted 20.3 billion yuan (about 3.2 billion U.S. dollars) in total revenue. In 2013, Shuanghui purchased its U.S. counterpart Smithfield Foods, making it China's largest acquisition in the food industry.

The report, though opposed by meat traders, has caused the public concern.

"Although no orders have been called off, many customers called us to inquire about meat safety and sales after the IARC report was published Monday," said Ma Xiaozhong, head of Jinhua Ham Industry Association.

Jinhua City in east China's Zhejiang Province, dubbed the hometown of Chinese ham, has a ham history of more than 2,000 years.

Ma said that Chinese have been more and more aware of their diet in recent years, with some choosing to avoid pickled food.

He said in traditional ham making, only salt was added to meat. However, to enhance the quality, in modern meat processing, nitrite is also added for corrosion prevention.

Ma believed that the IARC's warning should just be taken as a tip to increase nutrition awareness.

Zhong Kai, a renowned Chinese food safety expert, said on Tuesday that the per-capita Chinese township population's daily meat consumption averaged 50 to 100 grams, compared with 200 grams in the U.S.

However, meat demand in China has the potential to increase over the next decade.

The increase in meat consumption in China over the years has been put down to th. Baseball Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap Authentic Jerseys   Authentic NFL Jerseys From China   Authentic Soccer Jerseys China   Replica NHL Jerseys Cheap   Cheap NBA Jerseys From China   Cheap College Soccer Jerseys   Cheap Custom MLB Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China   Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys