It's a sad thing when a beloved fish friend comes to the end of its lifespan Malik McDowell Limited Jersey , when it won't eat or swim, or when it has succumbed to serious injury or disease. It can be difficult to take the responsibility for ending the life of another being but many aquarists feel it's worse to allow a creature you know to be in pain to suffer, when its ailments cannot be cured.

Older methods include flushing, fast freezing, fast boiling, decapitation, and so on, but are now considered inhumane. Modern fish-keeping methods have suggested a more humane method which is simple, clean, and even inexpensive.

Clove oil (also known as eugenol) is sold in most drugstores as a toothache remedy, and has the remarkable quality of putting fish to sleep. Using clove oil to anaesthetize your ailing fish first will make almost any method of euthanasia more humane, but the quickest and cleanest way is to add a clear grain alcohol like vodka to the water inhaled by the sleeping fish.

For small fish, under three inches long:

1) Fill a measuring cup with tank water, noting the volume, and pour it into a separate container (opaque sides will minimize fish stress). Place the fish in the container.

2) Fill a small jar ? full with water from your tank, add one drop of clove oil, put the lid on, and shake thoroughly until the water turns a cloudy white.

3) Pour about a quarter of the white liquid into your container, and allow it to sit for about ten minutes. The fish will begin listing and then sink to the bottom, but the gills will still move every few seconds. If the fish is still moving after ten minutes, shake up the jar again and add another quarter of its contents to the container.

4) When the fish has stopped moving completely except for the gills, add vodka or a similar clear grain alcohol to the water. You'll need to use about a quarter of the original container's volume in vodka: if you put 12 ounces of water in the container, you'll need 3 ounces of vodka (25% of 12 oz) to make the process quick and effective.

5) Check the fish after twenty minutes; if there is no gill movement after sixty seconds, the process is complete; if you do see any movement, add another dose of clove oil, and then another dose of vodka.
For larger fish you'll need proportionally more clove oil: about 10 drops per gallon of water in the container; and you may need to wait longer before it takes effect. Once the fish is asleep, use the same 25% dose of alcohol to ease them on their way.

An aquarist hopes that they will never have to perform this duty. I think it's better to know that there's a humane way, and never need the information, than to need the information and do something cruel to your fish because you didn't know.

For too many people, organizing a wedding is a difficult experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you really want to, you can make your wedding organization an enjoyable experience by simply getting the right people involved. The key to getting the wedding you have always wanted is simple, just know exactly what it is you want then work out how to get it. Simple, yes but extremely powerful nonetheless. Do this and you are not only going to have a great time organizing the wedding but you are also going to increase the chances of having a great time at the wedding. For those of you considering to do an outdoor wedding these are some of my best tips.

Number 1: What Do You Want?

Size and Style: Are you wanting a wedding with just your closest family members and friends? Perhaps you are a couple that would like to invite many hundreds of people to you’re wedding. Neither option is better than other; No one option is better than the other, so its truly up to what you feel is more appropriate for you. You should take the time plan this early on so as to avoid any confusions later on.

Number 2: Location, Maybe the reason you have chose to have an outdoor wedding is because you have found a perfect place to do it at. If this is the case then that is one less thing to think about. Otherwise, there are many options you could consider. Some couples enjoy the simplicity of having their wedding at their home, whereas there are others out there that prefer to have their outdoor wedding somewhere more beautiful. A tranquil garden can provide the perfect backdrop to your celebration. These are all great options to consider. Its extremely important to make sure that you pick out a place that meets your expectations for your dream wedding.

? Time of year: When planning a wedding outdoors it is important to factor in the weather. You should take the time to see the different weather reports for different periods of the year to find the best fit for you. The best times of the year to have an outside wedding is the spring or summer.

How can you get it?

When you have worked out where and when to hold your wedding, and what kind of wedding it will be, you are in a position to start planning how to make it all happen. You can make your life a lot easier simply by hiring out a Wedding Planner. they can help you with every little detail of your big day. You’re going to really appreciate all the help that they give you because there is going to be a lot to do.

Number 4: The Marquee, Extremely important that you make the decision that is right for you. Not only must it be the right size for all your guests but also it should be in keeping with the overall style of your wedding.

If you enjoyed this article then be sure to check out my site on groom wedding ideas and wedding ideas today where I discuss everything related to your big day.

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