It is never a good idea to blindly go into an airline credit card program without comparing the benefits and learning the advantages and disadvantages of signing up for a program. In this post I’m going to cover a few of the rewards and downsides of possessing airline credit cards.

Airline credit cards all come with an annual fee included and even consumers with an exceptional credit rating are governed by them. The rates may be anywhere about $100 and above per annum with those programs connected with a certain airline carrying the highest fees.

The high yearly fees may put you off however consider if you travel a great deal and amass those rewards you’ll quickly regain and go beyond any fees you pay. For instance if you travel and purchases add up to the extent that you get even one free flight for the year you’ll have surpassed that annual fee many times over. If you travel a lot and pay for your tickets making use of your card you’re going to acquire double or triple reward points on your booking along with other travel associated purchases. You can also build up lots of miles simply by placing all your purchases on the card.

Conversely if you don’t make a great deal of charges to your card you might not earn any rewards that you can redeem during that year and the annual charge will be more of an expense than a benefit. This is why it’s important that you assess your spending and carefully think about the advantages of the card as well as all the associated fees to discover if you’ll come out ahead or just get caught in a cycle of paying unnecessary fees.

Some airline credit cards still feature blackout dates which could prove to be fairly frustrating. As a result of these blackouts the program will dictate when and where you are able to fly and you will be forced to alter your schedule around their blackouts. If you book your reservations in advance or opt for the program that has no blackout dates you’ll be able to get away from this aggravation.

Airline credit cards are advantageous for those who spend a lot and are capable of paying off their balance within a 30 day period. By doing this they’re able to quickly accumulate rewards without having to pay high aprs on these rewards cards. The points could be redeemed for emergency travel to steer clear of high ticket costs associated with last minute booking.

Some programs provide a signup bonus which you can use to obtain a free domestic flight. This sign up bonus has proven to be a major attraction with the programs.

The opportunity to fly free is undoubtedly the most significant advantage of airline credit cards. Even if you do not have enough points for a free flight it will be possible to use your points to receive discounts off the cost of your ticket. Whether you are a frequent flyer or just making use of your miles to fund your family vacation you will save using airline credit cards.

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