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Do not worry, there is time! A few tricks will help you make your home look like a flash. Act in the order in which we lustre cleaning services toronto listed them and your guests will never know how the rooms looked like to be just an hour before arriving.

1. Handle things that are scattered around

First take care of the accumulated heaps, like the mountain of shoes in the corridor. Start at the front door and continue to the room where you will accommodate your guests. Take a laundry basket or a large garbage bag and stuff in it all the minor items you see on your way. Be merciless and remove everything that is not counted for furniture or decoration. While doing this, close the rooms to the bedrooms and other areas where you do not plan guests to enter (meaning you do not have to waste time fixing your beds).

2. Hide and continue

This is the main part - hide the basket or the bag you used for Task No 1 in the closet or other free space, then proceed to the kitchen. Clean the racks of the toaster, mixer, blender, and other electrical appliances you do not intend to use and put them in a cupboard (if you do not have a free try with the car or basement trunk). This leaves room for guests at your party to leave their drinks and dishes wherever they want, without hindering their useless items. Do not forget to throw away the garbage!

3. Spray, leave and wash

Decide which surfaces need the most cleaning (we suggest - toilet bowl, stove and sinks) and spray them with a detergent. Do not rush to erase it, but let it work. This will allow you time to open the dirt, and then you will remove them without having to rub. While waiting, do not stay with arms folded, but wash the dishes (if you have a dishwasher, put everything inside).

4. Find the dust

We should not - we repeat - you should not wipe up every corner of your house to perfect cleanness. Instead, follow the "visible surface" rule. Focus on the places your guests have the greatest opportunity to notice - the TV, the lampshades of the lamps, any glass surfaces. You will speed up the wiping process if you use a microfiber cloth (it attracts the dust and does not repel it). So, you will not have to bend or climb the chairs to reach the tallest corners. Finally, wipe the surfaces you spray at point 3.

5. Latest details

Take another quick look at all the rooms. Leave two extra rolls of toilet paper and a clean hand towel in the bathroom. Sort the pillows on the couch. If you have a pet and you notice a high concentration of hair, wet the rubber gloves with which you clean the toilet and mines with them where the hairs are - you will rob them in seconds. Finally, your secret weapon: light a candle with the aroma of lemons or oranges in the hall. People will associate citrus scent with purity and freshness.

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