Trim the curved place close to the neck to oneeight inch.

Trim the relaxation of the seam to one4 inch.

Hold the scissors at an angle when you trim to aid layer or grade the seam allowances or use “duckbill” scissors to assist do this.

Sewing Suggestion: Always stagger the edges of seam allowances when they stop up laying on leading of every other in a completed garment.

Flip the vest proper aspect out by pulling the fronts by way of the shoulders a single side at a time.

Press properly setting the seam lines exactly on the edge.

With right sides collectively Wholesale Eagles Shirts , match the armhole seams and pin precisely by way of the stitching line to hold one on leading of the other.

Stitch the aspect seams of each layers in a person continuous action thoroughly walking the needle more than the underarm pin.

Sandwich press the seam.

Press the seam open.

You may possibly want to go away the whole seam allowance right here in circumstance you have to allow the vest out sometime.

Now, you have the bottom of the back again open and about 2 inches on both facet of the facet seam towards the entrance.

Turn proper sides collectively matching up the side seams. Set a pin just in the line of stitching in the side seams to maintain a single on top of the other.

Beginning at a single entrance aspect exactly where you stopped stitching earlier, stitch across the bottom till you occur to about 2 inches from the upcoming aspect seam pin and end leaving about a 4 inch opening on that aspect.

Sandwich press the seam.

Press the seam open up.

Press beneath the unstitched seam allowances as though they were stitched.

Trim and grade the seam allowances to about one4 inch.

Turn the vest right aspect out by way of the four inch opening at the aspect lower edge. This opening is much better than obtaining the opening in the center of the center back. It is not as obvious.

Press nicely once again.

At the opening, turn in and line up the edges.

To complete this opening Wholesale Eagles Jerseys , slip stitch it closed by hand or place a narrow strip of fusible web and fuse it closed.

If desired, topstitch the vest onefour inch from the edges.

Make buttonholes on both equally sides of the vest.

Sew 2 buttons with each other producing a thread shank in between them. Use these double buttons through both equally buttonholes like cuff links. You can even use 2 diverse buttons as
prolonged as they are the exact same measurement to fit by means of the holes.

System II

Another technique to finish your reversible vest is to sew just about every vest with shoulder seams and aspect seams.

Place the vests with wrong sides with each other.

Stitch three4 inch all all around the armholes and the outer edges of the vest keeping the two layers together.

Trim off 5eight inch all close to.

Bind all the exterior edges both with self cloth, contrasting material, or a fold about trim or braid to end.You can even use a ornamental serged edge to complete the vest.

This is rapid and easy!

It is your alternative. You are the designer!

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