By Jesse Wieten

SAO PAULO Air Jordan Retro For Sale Free Shipping , Brazil, June 22 (Xinhua) -- While Arjen Robben, Robin van Persie and Wesley Sneijder gain all the attention, Nigel de Jong has been of crucial importance for the Netherlands in recent years and still is at the World Cup in Brazil.

After the encounter against Australia in Porto Alegre (3-2 win) Robben, who scored one goal Air Jordan Shoes For Sale Free Shipping , was elected Man of the Match. However, Dutch head coach Louis van Gaal did not agree with this choice by the worldwide viewers.

"I understand that Robben played well, but it would not have been my choice," he said afterwards. "Personally I thought Nigel de Jong was our best player."

De Jong didn't really care. "If people say that I should have been Man of the Match that is a nice compliment. But such awards normally go to forwards. I think it's not that important," said De Jong.

The 29-year-old AC Milan player acknowledged that he played a good match in Porto Alegre. "Yes I reached a good level Air Jordan For Sale Free Shipping , besides some minor mistakes," he said. "As a team we have to play better during ball possession, we are aware of that. We have to be much more secure. When we don't have the ball there is no problem. We hardly got into trouble."

During the World Cup preparation the defensive midfielder already showed that he was in fine form for the tournament in Brasil. He started the World Cup with a good performance in the spectacular opening against Spain (5-1 win). Versus Australia De Jong used some fierce tackles to stop Australia and also to give an example to his team-mates.

"Sometimes you have to play hard," De Jong stated. "We were too sweet in the first half. They were aggressive on us and conquered for every second ball. That's something the boys on our side also have to learn. Show who you are. After half-time we did well."

De Jong came through the famous Ajax academy and after three-and-a-half years in the first team he moved to German side Hamburger SV. From HSV he was transferred to Manchester City in January 2009 and from City he moved to AC Milan, his current club Jordan Retro For Sale Free Shipping , in the summer of 2012.

Throughout his career De Jong developed into a tough tackling midfielder, holding the balance for the team, but certainly full of football intelligence as well.

De Jong often explores the limits of admissibility, like in the 2010 World Cup final when he kicked Xabi Alonso on the chest. Despite some criticism on his sometimes tough game he never reacted to those critics in the media.

"Everyone can say or write what they think. I rather be silent. There is always criticism, but Nigel de Jong had been a starter in the last four major tournaments of the Dutch team."

De Jong believes he has reached the best period as a professional Jordan Shoes For Sale Free Shipping , having battled back to full fitness in the 2013-14 season following an Achilles injury the season before. Although Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal kept Nigel de Jong waiting a while after having recovered the midfielder did not worry. He was right, because Van Gaal named him in the World Cup squad and also made him a starter.

"You need patience," De Jong said. "I always had the trust that I would return to the squad. Now I am stronger than before, both physically and mentally."

After having played Euro 2008 and 2012 and the World Cup in 2010 Nigel de Jong seems at his best at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Not only does the 73-time international use his experience to be an example to young players, he leads by example on the field as well.

Nigel de Jong is the battling heart of "Oranje".

MOGADISHU Authentic Air Jordan Retro For Sale , Jan. 31 (Xinhua) -- Somali Parliament on Saturday gave Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke another ten days to complete the nomination of his cabinet after the elapse of the 14 days he had earlier requested.

The lawmakers, who had engaged in an acrimonious debate, finally agreed to give the PM an extension to name the deputy ministers.

Parliament was expected to cast a vote on the new council of ministers on Saturday, but it emerged that the PM had only named ministers without their deputies.

Earlier this week, Sharmarke named a 20-member council of ministers excluding the president's allies whom parliament had vowed to reject if the PM included them in the list.

Sharmarke in his memorandum to parliament has also noted that he intends to add another five ministers to the new cabinet Authentic Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , making it a total of 25 ministers.

The Inter-Governmental Authority of Development (IGAD), a regional bloc of eastern African nations, had on Friday called on the Somali leadership to fast track the formation of an inclusive government so as to address the critical security and state building tasks.

Out of 230 members present, 139 voted in support of the extension while 47 opposed, with another 44 abstaining the vote.

A man who sometimes held his coat together with safety pins and had a long-time habit of foraging for firewood also had a knack for picking stocks — a talent that became public after his death when he bequeathed $6 million to his local library and hospital.

The investments made by Ronald Read Authentic Air Jordan For Sale , a former gas station employee and janitor who died in June at age 92, "grew substantially" over the years, said his attorney Laurie Rowell.

Read, who was known for his flannel shirt and baseball cap, gave no hint of the size of his fortune.

"He was unbelievably frugal Authentic Jordan Retro For Sale ," Rowell said Wednesday. When Read visited her office, "sometimes he parked so far away so he wouldn't have to pay the meter."

The bequest of $4.8 million to the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and $1.2 million to the town's Brooks Memorial Library were the largest each institution has ever received. Read also made a number of smaller bequests.

"It's pretty incredible. This is not something that happens on a regular basis," said the hospital's development director, Gina Pattison.

Besides cash, Read had an antique Edison phonograph wit.