MANILA, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) -- The Philippines' gross international reserves (GIR) climbed to 81.04 billion U.S. dollars as of January, the central bank said Tuesday.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Officer-in-Charge Nestor A. Espenilla said the January preliminary level was higher by 0.35 billion dollars than the December 2016 GIR.

He attributed the increase to inflows arising from net foreign currency deposits by the national government, revaluation adjustments on the BSP's gold holdings resulting from the increase in the gold price in the international market, and its income from investments abroad.

The GIR level as of January can cover 9.2 months' worth of imports of goods and payments of services and primary income, Espenilla said.

It is also equivalent to 5.8 times the country's short-term external debt based on original maturity and 4.1 times based on residual maturity, he added.

by Marzia De Giuli

MILAN adidas pharrell superstar hot pink , Italy, Oct. 6 (Xinhua) -- A recent journey to Nanjing not only was an occasion for Italian rock band 7grani to call on young people to reflect on history, but also to enhance friendship between China and Italy.

The band, featuring three brothers from northern Italy, Fabrizio, Flavio and Mauro Settegrani adidas superstar 2 womens white , has always been interested in WWII themes and genocides. In January they composed the song Nanjing Girl after they were deeply shocked by learning of the cruelty Japanese soldiers inflicted during the Rape of Nanjing.

At the end of last month, the band's members performed Nanjing Girl at Wutaishan Stadium in Nanjing as part of the Nanjing Youth Festival (NYF) events. They remained for two weeks in the capital of east China's Jiangsu province to shoot a music video with local dancers as well as the Nanjing Girl documentary, which tells the story of their journey into Chinese history and culture.

"Our journey to Nanjing was an incredible experience. We deepened our knowledge of the Rape of Nanjing by visiting China's Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre. We met survivors and historians," Fabrizio, the lead singer of the band, told Xinhua in an interview on his way back to Italy.

"What at the beginning was just a story learnt from a book became a vivid testimony made of profound exchange and dialogue adidas superstar 2 mens size 7 ," Fabrizio highlighted. "Before leaving for China, I had no idea that I would find such great people in Nanjing and build genuine relations based on mutual trust. We hope to go back to China as soon as possible, we feel so close to this country now," he concluded.

"Nowadays, few young people know the history of Nanjing Massacre, especially Western young people. Nanjing Girl adidas superstar 2 uk , created by 7grani, has established a great platform for young people to have a better understanding of the Nanjing Massacre, at least they will not forget the past in the future after listening to this song," Li Jiayu, a NYF staff member, told Xinhua.

Li said she was happy and lucky to tag along with 7grani for half a month. "Through those days adidas superstar slip on khaki , we visited some graves of the Nanjing Massacre and several famous sights of Nanjing... I also learned a lot from this excellent team as a university student in Nanjing. I hope to meet these nice friends again, in China or in Italy," she said.

The support for filming the Nanjing Girl documentary was the first project financed by the Dream Catcher program, launched by the Nanjing International Cultural Exchange Association to build a platform that can collect dreams, show dreams, and help make dreams come true.

Gianmaria Carrara adidas superstar slip on uk , who directed the Nanjing Girl documentary, said he was particularly hit by the harmony with the 7grani band and the Chinese staff who accompanied them on their journey. "Music played a bridging role in building such an empathy. This language of art is the best way to make two cultures that are apparently so far but in fact so close talk to each other," he said.

Carrara told Xinhua that he found Nanjing a very modern city but at the same time rooted in the past, where very different aspects coexist together. "I do not know China, and Nanjing was the very first city that I visited. If it is a mirror of China, it is definitely very charming. Smiles and courteousness were the things that put me into contact with those fantastic people adidas superstar foundation black ," he said.

"Although they may have had difficulties in communicating through language, they could still share the feelings through heart to heart. That is some kind of way of transferring good values, a touching feeling inspired by music, and it can be felt by different people from different cultures," Chen Yixin, another NYF staff member adidas superstar pride pack uk , explained to Xinhua.

Guitarist Mauro underlined that 7grani was certain of the fundamental role music had to play in education and believed that music had ability to teach young people life values. The rock band often presents its work to many schools in Italy and performs at concerts and events throughout the country.

Young generations, Mauro told Xinhua, were very responsive when it comes to realizing the emotions beyond words in a song. "We will try our best to make the Nanjing Massacre known here, because oblivion means loss, and we will continue to cultivate our great friendship with China born in Nanjing," he said.

CANBERRA adidas superstar paint splatter uk , June 2 (Xinhua) -- The number of serving Australian Defence Force members under investigation for physical, sexual and other abuses has more than doubled since October, local media reported on Tuesday.

A 135 percent rise since October took the number of serving ADF personnel currently under investigation to 151 including 82 permanent force members, 62 reservists and seven civilian public servants.

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