BEIJING Paul Millsap Kids Jersey , Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- Xiaomi fitness wristband overtook Apple Watch in 2015 in terms of shipments, becoming the world's second most popular wearable device, global market tracker IDC said this week.

When facing financial problems in 2012, Xiaomi producer Huami Inc., a Hefei-based startup, obtained loans amounting 3 million yuan (about 460 Wilson Chandler Youth Jersey ,000 U.S. dollars), which complied with the incentives package in which the government tried to encourage innovation entrepreneurship.

Second to Fitbit, Huami sold 12 million Xiaomi wristbands in 2015, or 15.4 percent of the world's total shipments of wearable devices, according to IDC statistics.

Hefei, capital of the previously farming province of Anhui which four decades ago ignited China's rural reform Nikola Jokic Youth Jersey , now has elite national universities and research institutes, seeing its GDP expanding 10.5 percent in 2015 and dwarfing most Chinese cities.

President Xi Jinping believes innovation "an important weapon" to offset the economic slowdown amid a sluggish global recovery.

While the national economy was fighting strong headwinds after three decades' rapid growth, Xi and his associates actively promoted innovation, among other core concepts including coordination, green development, opening-up and shared prosperity.

China has entered a "new normal" phase of growth Gary Harris Youth Jersey , under which the economy will unlikely to see a V-shaped curve in the short run, instead an L-shaped one with slower rates but better quality.

In 2015, policymakers advocated supply-side structural reform as a remedy to economic woes to attain higher-quality, more efficient, fairer and more sustainable growth.

Supply-side structural reform aims to create a fertile and easier environment to encourage high-quality goods and services in a fairer market for all players.

As one result, probably Paul Millsap Youth Jersey , the value added into the hi-tech sector increased 10.2 percent year on year in 2015, quite noticeable if compared with an average of 6.1 percent growth for all major enterprises.

The service sector, for the first time, generated more than half of GDP last year, with services overtaking investment as the biggest pillar of economic expansion.

Per capita disposable income grew 8.9 percent in 2015, and end-user consumption contributed 66.4 percent to GDP.

The new thinking for sustaining growth is expected to endorsed by the national legislature Wilson Chandler Womens Jersey , which is to convene from next week.

The National People's Congress, or the legislature, would also debate on the 13th Five-year Plan from 2016 to 2020, during which the Chinese leadership vowed to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all aspects.

Credit Suisse Group Managing Director Dong Tao pinned high hopes on supply-side structural reform, saying better-off Chinese have huge consumption potential while enterprises are usually good at churning out steel, cement and low-end products which no longer fascinate consumers today.

Tasks Nikola Jokic Womens Jersey , however, remain quite challenging and the world's second largest economy needs to address tough issues such as weak industrial product prices, declining business profitability, slower fiscal revenue growth and financial and banking risks.


China Voice: Closing the "last-mile gap" in deepening reform

BEIJING, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese leaders did not pass any new proposals at their latest meeting on overall reform, the 21st of its kind Gary Harris Womens Jersey , but rather stressed one key word: implementation.

The word is crucial to the success of the nation's whopping reform projects across nearly all fronts, and hence to the well-being of people both in China and around the world.? Full story

China's Xi urges implementation of reforms

BEIJING, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President?Xi Jinping?on Tuesday ordered officials at all levels to implement reform measures and address lingering problems to ensure the reform drive is successful.

He made the remarks while presiding over the 21st meeting of the Central Leading Group for Overall Reform.

Li Jing

Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu tie the knot Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu tie the knot Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu tie the knot Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu tie the knot Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu tie the knot Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu tie the knot Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu tie the knot Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu tie the knot Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu tie the knot Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu tie the knot Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu tie the knot

Mainland actress Liu Shishi(Cecilia Liu)and Taiwanese singer-actor Nicky Wu(Wu Qilong) registered for marriage in Beijing today, grabbing a lot of attention on Chinese social media.

Wu posted a picture on Sina Weibo this morning, showing two rings and marriage certificates accompanied by the followomg words, ”(We will) cherish happiness”. Liu later reposted the message Paul Millsap Womens Jersey , saying “We are very happy”.

28-yr-old Liu Shishi, also known by her English name Celilia Liu, is a Chinese actress and ballerina. Liu has starred in many movies as well as television dramas, among which time-travel hit Scarlet Heart has won her several awards.

45-yr-old Nicky Wu is a Taiwanese singer and actor who found fame in 1988 when he became a member of the boy band “Little Tigers Team”(Xiao Hu Dui), and was extremely popular and successful in Taiwan. After the break-up of the Little Tigers Team" in 1995, Wu continued his solo career and embarked on a career in acting.

The couple first met in 2011 during the shooting of hit drama Scarlet Heart(Bu Bu Jing Xin) and admitted they were dating after being photographed together at Liu’s apartment in Shanghai in Nov. 2013.

The stars’ wedding is currently a trending topic among fans Wilson Chandler Jersey , with Wu’s message .