Now heres where it gets interesting
When a visitor lands on one of these full pages with all the chunks of content Duke Dawson Patriots Jersey , it spawns MORE snowballs which each link to ANOTHER full page. I hope you see where this is going
You literally snowball your blogs content automatically. The snowball starts off small. With just 1 post in fact (the one that you or an autoblogging tool makes). This first post is you gently rolling a small snowball off a giant cliff. With each level (more on this in a sec) the snowball gains speed and size. A pic will help to get the idea across: So the Seed Post is the one you or some other tool makes. I call this Level 0 as thats where everything starts. In the in above diagram, all the Level 1 posts are made you your blog, and Snowballs (essentially small chunks of content) of these Level 1 posts are show INSIDE the Level 0 post. That diagram shows 3 levels and 4 content sources being used. See that theres 4 new posts made on each level? In a nutshell this means youre getting multiple pages of quality content on your blog for each 1 original post you make.
How many EXACTLY?
Well, theres some math to it. I wont bore you with the details. Instead I made a quick tool so you can run the numbers yourself to see EXACTLY how many posts WPS will make for you. BTW the title above 363 new posts and 3X more unique? Thats using 5 levels and 3 sources ;)
Level Posts
1 3
2 9
3 27
4 81
5 243
Total snowballs:
I bet youre not thinking this through fully. THINK about the numbers youve just got from this tool. Each page is like a lottery ticket. Each day you might win and get some traffic to that page. You cant cheat in the real lotto because (unfortunately) youve got the buy each ticket. But with WPS:
Because you steal thousands of lottery tickets and rake in the winnings, every day ;) (This is one of the real secrets of the web. More on that in just a sec) Now, you can make the original posts manually or use any other auto-posting tool to get the job done. WP Snowball picks up where you leave off and super charges your content efforts. This means a few VERY important things for your blog (and your pocket!):
1. You get more targeted, engaging content automatically.
2. These extra pages give you more traffic from Google.
3. More traffic means more Opt-Ins, sales and commissions for you.
Isnt this spam?!?
NO! These pages actually INCREASE the user experience. Heres what it looks like inside posts:
This means people will stay on your site for LONGER because WP Snowball lets them browse to the related content THEY want to read. Plus I havent even mentioned theInfo Stuffer yet. Its another way WPS makes content more unique whilst creating a rich user experience for your visitors. And thats how it should be. You see my point?

Heres something the Heavies on the web dont want you to know. Im talking about the mega sites with millions almost BILLIONS of content pages. FAT SITES = FAT BANK Its been an iron law of the net for years and years. Probably never been expressed quite like that, granted.
But 100% true. If you have a huge site that pulls in traffic thats worth money on its own. Traffic IS wealth. Theres 101 ways to squeeze money from a site with traffic. From PPC, affiliate products, CPA, list building to flipping the whole site youve got tons of options. But you cant consider that unless you get the traffic first. And to get traffic you need pages. Thats what WPS does. Pages. I hope a light bulb just exploded in your head, because this is huge. Pages = traffic = money. Using WPS levels the playing field and allows you to compete. Now, Im not saying youll outrank Wikipedia for a keyword like fishing, but you wouldnt want to, right?
I hope you realize why this isnt a good idea. Its because fishing isnt a buying keyword. BUT something like 4.0m Telescopic Sea Fishing Rod is perfect for maximum sales. And these natural, long tail buying keywords appear in content WPS posts. You choose the blogs theme WPS makes strategic posts around that theme. And Google notices these things.
And the best bit? Yeah, all the stuff above comes second to something else. Its works really damn quickly. Dont kid yourself. We all want instant results. I mean, who wants to WAIT for results? Not me, thats for sure. And neither does WPS. (woot!)
Set the engine up, make your seed post and watch the snowballs roll.
Trust me its not going to wait for you to catch up :) Light Speed Tip: This thing flies when you use it with an autoblogging plugin. Dont blink :) Imagine what a network of high traffic blogs will do for your bank account. Dont give me Pfffft. Think about it. So you get back home. You turn the key in your front door. Get inside, chuck keys down. Jacket off. Straight to the computer. Get it out of hibernation mode. (Hurry up) 3 clicks. Browser. Blog. Stats. WOW :O You know that feeling you get when something really awesome happens? Your brain freezes. Your eyes widen. Your heart kicks up to 200 BPM. You look at WP SnowBall. Its made 4,381 posts to your blog.
Its brought you thousands of visitors. And yes its stuffed a bundle of cash into your affiliateadsen

Due to the fact these comfort.