Biking is one of the healthiest activities you can do- not to mention Cheap Jimmy Howard Hat , it is a great time! Riding down the street with the wind in your hair is an invigorating feeling. Biking is also great for transportation, especially in a big city environment. Why worry about taxis and subways when you can bike everywhere you want to go and have a great time? You can save money and get good exercise. Maybe you are an adventurer and you don't care about biking down the street. You have mountains to tackle. Biking is still a good option and certainly a ton of fun! This article will focus on explaining the difference between BMX and mountain bikes.

BMX and mountain bikes are designed differently to satisfy two different riding styles and terrains. They may appear similar, but in the world of biking they are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Mountain bikes are built for rough terrain like rocks, hills Cheap Tomas Tatar Hat , and dirt. Mountain bikes can survive the tough elements and climb the mountains with you. They contain wide tires and handlebars along with a shock absorption system so you can have a comfortable ride even on the roughest terrain. On the other hand, a BMX bike is built more for agility and performance. BMX bikes are designed or racing and performing tricks. A BMX bike is certainly not optimal for climbing mountains, but it can be great in a skate park or on the street.

BMX bikes are usually smaller then mountain bikes. The smaller frame of a BMX bike is designed for racing and allows for quick maneuvers. Because mountain bikes are bigger, they are usually heavier than BMX bikes as well. Mountain bike tires are also larger and more heavy duty. This allows the bike to better handle rough terrain. However Cheap Gustav Nyquist Hat , both bikes are light for their respective sizes.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that mountain bikes have gears. Different gears allow the bike to move at different speeds. Lower gears are optimal for climbing hills when pedaling is difficult. By shifting to a lower gear, pedaling becomes easier. You won't lose steam half way up the hill and roll back down! You will cover a shorter distance each time you pedal, but the pedaling will be easier. If you are on flatter terrain or your legs are simply spinning the pedals much too fast, you can shift the gears up and cover more distance while increasing peddling difficulty. Most mountain bikes have between 10 and 21 speeds. BMX bikes almost never have gears Cheap Justin Abdelkader Hat , with the exception of very special models. Even then, they usually only have two gears.

Whether you like tricks, easy riding, or taking adventures Cheap Nick Jensen Hat , there is a bike to fit your needs. BMX bicycles are optimal for tricks and racing, while mountain bikes are designed to handle rough terrain. Whatever you choose, biking is a great time. Beat traffic, climb mountains Cheap Dylan Larkin Hat , and tear up the skate park- find your perfect bike today and get ready for the adventure!
SOCHI, Feb. 10 (Xinhua) -- Following is the Feb. 11 medal competition schedule for the Sochi Olympic Games (8 gold medals, local time):

13:00-15:05: Freestyle skiing - women's slopestyle final (Extreme Park - Rosa Khutor)

16:00-17:50: Nordic skiing - men's and women's freestyle sprint finals

16:45-20:00: Speed skating - women's 500m (Adler Arena)

18:30-21:45: Luge - women's round 3 and 4 (Sanki sliding center)

19:00-20:20: Biathlon - women's 10km pursuit (Laura)

21:30-22:35: Snowboard - men's half-pipe final (Extreme Park)

21:30-23:05 - Ski jump - women's normal hill final (RusSki Gorki ski jump park)

COPENHAGEN, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) -- While the Western world is having a hard time agreeing on green solutions Cheap Frans Nielsen Hat , many developing countries are trying to figure out a solution to do things in a clean and energy-efficient way.

Their efforts are aided by the United Nations' Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) which matches the green-tech needs of a developing country with companies in western countries that can offer the right solutions.

These exchanges are currently being discussed here at the ongoing CTCN advisory board meeting that kicked off Tuesday in Copenhagen.

Afghanistan, Chile, Colombia, Senegal and Nigeria are some of the 150-plus countries asking CTCN for help finding providers of sustainable solutions.

Energy efficiency Cheap Mike Green Hat , clean waste disposal and green transportation are on the agenda of the meeting.

Among the participants at the meeting is Monica Maduekwe from Nigeria, representing 15 West African countries working together to develop climate friendly energy with women in the forefront.

CTCN promotes the development and transfer of climate technologies that are energy efficient, low carbon, and climate resilient.

CTCN is hosted and managed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and is supported by more than 350 network partners around the world.

It utilizes the expertise of these institutions to deliver technical assistance and capacity-building at the request of developing countries.

Through it Cheap Gordie Howe Hat , developing countries are accessing innovative technologies for free. Almost 200 technology transfers are underway in 70 countries for sectors ranging from agriculture and energy to industry and transportation.

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