So farewell then Evgenii Dadonov Jersey , Mr Chelsea. Because we hate you, we will miss you.

We will miss you briefly, but hate you forever.

How we fans love to loathe John Terry and yet how thoroughly he deserves it.

Terry mused with a straight face on Monday about his ""legacy"" after announcing no ""fairy-tale"" ending to his Chelsea career.

Well, let me help out Terry on his legacy: ""Racist Chelsea and England captain who had sex with his teammate's girlfriend"" is pretty much how the world will fondly recall JT.

Personally I won't as I doubt he's a racist.

Of all Terry's failings, deploying the loaded word ""black"" as an adjective in a heated exchange of on-field insults was wrong and racist, yes, but hey, it was also human and fallible.

We all say things we regret.

Such an outburst was entirely forgivable if only Terry admitted to it, owned it and apologized for it.

But JT's not like that.

He is more like that right-wing uncle at the family dinner table who pokes the vegetarian with a turkey wishbone. When he gets caught, ""I didn't know she was a vegan"" is the kind of reply you get, in a tone of hurt innocence.

If one must say something positive about Terry, then let it be noted he was not one to feign injury.

In a 17-year career containing many memorable moments, for me there are three incidents that will always define his, ahem, ""legacy.""

First, that magnificent 98th-minute equalizer against Everton last month. ""I don't really care,"" he said afterwards about it being offside.

If I were a Chelsea fan, that goal alone merits the myopic moniker: Captain, leader, -legend.

Whatever we haters have to say about Terry, we cannot take away golden moments like that.

And there are too many of them for my own personal taste.

Second, the magnificent pratfall in 2008 that cost Chelsea its first Champions League title. Cometh the moment, cometh the aforementioned captain, leader, legend. This was undoubtedly -Terry's finest hour.

The whole of England expected, and he delivered to euphorious scenes in pubs and lounges across the nation.

Today nobody remembers Nicolas Anelka missing the -seventh spot kick. But everybody remembers the decisive, iconic moment in Moscow when Terry handed -Manchester United a domestic and European double.

Well played, sir, and thanks for the memory.

Finally, there is one more moment that captures Terry's legacy, perhaps best of all.

Some might have expected JT to keep a low profile after an inauspicious red card nearly sabotaged Chelsea's chances of reaching the European Champions League final in 2012.

But no. There stood Terry in Munich, in full Chelsea kit, holding aloft the trophy.

The captain-leader-legend led the club's celebrations of an extraordinary against-the-odds victory in which he had played no role whatsoever.

Undeterred, he repeated this full-kit feat for Chelsea's -Europa League win against Benfica in 2013.

""Because it's me, people look and say 'he's not won it,'"" Terry said later.

""People like to have their digs and their pops, but I know I played a huge part along the way, in the dressing room and on the field as well, so I count myself to have won it.""

Indeed. What a count.

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ADDIS ABABA, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- The African Union (AU) and China on Thursday signed agreements on the handover of upgrade work done at the AU Conference Center and Office Complex Project (AUCC) and an expansion project at the seat of the pan-African bloc.

Jennifer Susan Chiriga, AU Chief of Staff, signed the agreements with Kuang Weilin, Head of Chinese Mission to AU, and Xia Fang, Vice President of Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group.

The move is the latest in a string of efforts to boost their overall cooperation and partnership.

AUCC is one of the eight actions sponsored by the Chinese government for Africa's further development and also the second largest project sponsored by China after the Tanzania-Zambia railway project.

The AUCC project, covers 13.2 hectares, with a floor area of approximately 51,000 square meters, has been carried out with a grant investment by the Chinese government amounting to 237 million Chinese yuan.

Kuang Weilin and Erastus Mwencha, Deputy Chairperson of the AU Commission, have recently been in attendance of the joint inspection of Equipment and System Improvement and Upgrading of the AUCC Project.

The second expansion project comprises a dining hall for AU representatives and staff, an archive center, a printing center, a certification center, and other facilities provided with partial supporting equipment and furniture.

Speaking during the signing ceremony Chiriga hailed China's strong partnership and friendship with the AU Commission and the African continent.

""On behalf of the AU Commission, I would like to say that today marks a very important step in this very strong relationship and partnership that China has with our organization.

""So, on behalf of the AU Commission, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to China, which is a very, very strong partner and friend of the AU Commission and of Africa,"" she said.

Stating that China is always by the side of AU, Kuang noted that China would continue to further strengthen its partnership with AU.

""I think it is a very big moment for the relationship, cooperation between China and the African Union. The signing of the two documents demonstrates that China and the African Union will continue to cooperate in the days to come; and the relationship and cooperation between the two sides has really entered a new phase,"" noted Kuang.

He also expressed his firm belief that the Chinese company, which has signed the contract for the expansion project, would accomplish the project successfully.


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