BEIJING Preston Smith Redskins Jersey , April 28 (Xinhua) -- China could hold a top position in Asian Football Confederation (AFC) after they gave up the effort to have a say in football's world governing body FIFA last year, a report said.

Zhang Jilong, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) vice president, has left Beijing for Manama, Bahrain where the AFC will hold the election on Thursday.

Zhang, 63, will run for the post of the first vice president and his winning chances look set, Beijing Youth Daily said on Tuesday.

Zhang replaced Vernon Manilal Fernando of Sri Lanka who was suspended last month for ethics violations in 2013.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter then said Zhang would complete Fernando's four-year mandate until 2015.

Zhang's appointment meant that 2022 World Cup organizer Qatar remains without a delegate at FIFA's decision-making top table.

The CFA last year decided not to enter Zhang for the executive committee position election in FIFA, citing fierce competition and Zhang's failure to land the post in 2011.

" In Australia, dentistry is not covered by Medicare, the public health provider. This means that a visit to the dentist can seem expensive when compared to a visit to a doctors clinic, which is subsidised by the government. Many people use this as a reason to claim that dentists charge unfair prices to their patients - however this is false.

It is downright expensive to start and run a dental practice and due to the lack of government subsidies, this cost must be passed on to patients directly. Below is a brief explanation of some of the costs involved in providing dental services, so you can better understand why dentists must charge a high rate for their services.


The path to become a fully qualified dentist is a long and expensive one. Dental programs at university only take the very best high school graduates and charge top dollar for the courses provided. It is not uncommon for graduating dental students to have up to 100 000 dollars of debt, which they have accrued over the length of their university course. Naturally, the cost of repaying these loans must be factored into the prices they charge for their services.

In addition, there are other qualified staff which contribute to the running of a dental clinic. Dental nurses and technicians are also highly skilled and must be paid accordingly. This is just another cost that must be factored in when charging you patients dental treatments.

Equipment and Consumables

Just like many other professions, dentists require a wide range of specialists tools to perform their tasks and offer you good service. You may recognise some of these, like the dreaded dentists drill. While they may seem simple, they do in fact cost quite a lot of money. This is because medical equipment must meet very high standards and constructing these tools to the level of precisions required is understandably expensive. Your dentist pays top dollar for their tools and they must pass this cost on to you, the patient.

Consumables are another area where the cost is not properly understood. Everything from the gauze pads to gloves are required to give you the care you deserve. All these items are one time use and are thrown away or depleted after they have been used for your examination or procedure. Just like other reusable equipment, these consumables must meet strict manufacturing standards. While these items are not as expensive as the other equipment mentioned, it does add up over time!


This is an unseen addition to the expense of your dentist visit. In this day and age, where litigation is increasing, all medical professionals must take out very expensive comprehensive insurance policies – this protects both themselves and their patients! These insurance policies will pay out in the event that there is a mistake made or something goes wrong with your procedure. Because payouts in these situations can be in the millions of dollars, insurance policies covering such events are expensive.

You Get What You Pay For

Next time you are silently cursing the large bill for dentistry that you have received, try and remember that your dentist will have invested a lot of money into your care. As you can see above, it is likely that the bill is justified. However, if you fell as if there is overcharging occurring, don't hesitate to ask some polite questions!

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