Air Condition system for cars

Air conditioning is a complete system that keeps you cool and comfortable. The car air conditioning system works much alike a refrigerator. Like in a refrigerator Nike Air Max 270 Be True Homme Multicolor Pas Cher , a car air conditioning has a compressor that pumps liquid refrigerant (freon) through the evaporator located under the dashboard. Here, the freon transforms into a vapor as it absorbs passenger compartment heat. The hot vapor from the evaporator circulates to the condenser and changes back into a liquid as it releases heat through the front grille. The car air condition process is continual, therefore, the refrigerant is constantly transforming to and fro into liquid and vapor. Thus, giving you a cooler driving environment by carrying the heat away from the vehicles interior.

Fundamentals of Air conditioning

Your air conditioning units is made up of four major parts Acheter Nike Air Max 270 Blanche Noir , that gives cooling for passenger compartment. Mainly, there are two different system design in the industry. The identified designs are expansion valve or orifice tube type. The pump that spreads the refrigerant through the system, transferring the heat from passenger compartment to the outside air is the compressor mounted on the engine. The most important and expensive component of the air conditioning system is the compressor. The condenser transfers the removed heat from the passenger compartment to the outside air. The location of the condenser is in front of the radiator, just behind the front grille of the vehicle. The evaporator near the dash board or firewall, moves the passenger compartment heat to the refrigerant Acheter Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Marron Argent , so it can be sent to the condenser, removing heat to cool the passenger compartment. The excess moisture from the refrigerant is absorbed by the dryer. Flexible hoses serves as refrigerant conveyor to and from the compressor and other system parts that are mounted on the vehicle body. The flexible hoses can be a big source of refrigerant leakage. Since the system has many connections, its rubber seals should be frequently checked for leaks.

How to repair your air conditioning system

It is important for you to communicate your complaints well before you have the air conditioning unit repaired, as well as inform your Rapide technician if anyone else has recently worked on the system. Then, the Rapide technician will go through your system as follows. 1st- The Rapide technician will turn the engine on and inspect the blower and vent operation. If all system controls are properly working Homme Nike Air Max 270 Noir Or Soldes , the air conditioning will be set to maximum air with the fan on high, determining the temperature of air through existing vents. To test the high and low pressure portions of the systems in your air condition unit, the technician will run a performance test. A complete visual inspection of the air conditioning system will be performed. The test includes, checking the condition of belts and hoses, making sure the service port caps are screwed properly in place Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 Homme Blanche Soldes , and looking for oil stains or caked-on dirt, along all exposed parts and hoses. The technician will then run a leak test to the entire air conditioning system. Lastly, the condenser and radiator will be checked by the Rapide technician to make sure that leaves, debris, or dead insects are reducing air flow over the condenser coils.

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