Calorie shifting diets have grown in popularity because it is a more efficient way for your body to still get healthy benefits from the foods you eat Mike McGlinchey 49ers Jersey , while also losing extra fat that the body doesn t need. It s different than any other type of low calorie low carb diet plan.

The way the calorie shifting diet works is that instead of eating the same amount of carbs, proteins and fats each and every day, the diet plan has you eating a certain amount of carbs one day, a certain amount of protein another day and fat another day.

The result is that the total amount of calories that you would eat each day will vary that s why it s called calorie shifting. Okay, now that s the basic concept. While there are numerous books that utilize this method, the best of them all, in my opinion, is The Carb Rotation Diet by Jason Hunter.

While some books gloss over the fundamentals of calorie shifting and give you some foods you re supposed to figure out how to make interesting, The Carb Rotation Diet takes the time to explain the concept in an easy to understand way so that you learn how your body reacts when you eat this way and why it s beneficial to losing weight.

Jason has packed his book with meaty information about nutrition and dieting tips so that you aren t left scratching your head, like with some plans, wondering why you re eating two slices of turkey breast and a handful of nuts on Tuesday (actually, on his plan you ll be eating a wide variety of foods).

I don t know about you, but I like it when someone takes the time to explain things to me in detail. Plus, you get to learn what kind of nutritional value protein, fats and carbs have in relation to helping you to lose weight. The diet is very structured so on some days you ll be eating a high amount of carbs, other days a low amount of carbs and yet, other days you ll eat no carbs at all.

Calorie shifting actually allows you to eat foods that are comforting like, brown rice, sweet potatoes, corn, black beans, turkey, tuna fish, beef and low fat cheese. So you won t be banning carbs from your diet or eating only carbs and not much else like some other plans. Eating a well balanced diet is key to success with this diet.

Another component of any serious weight loss plan is exercise. In order to lose the most amount of weight on any diet, you have to commit to doing some type of exercise.

Getting your muscles moving will turn them into mini fat burners and Jason s plan shows you how to do this using an exercise ball and hand weights. There is a bonus book that has diagrams of how to do each exercise so you can replicate it at home.

Another thing that I really like about this plan is that there s a specific plan for women called, The Dramatic Dress Reduction Diet and one for men called, Get Rid of My Gut. The plans are very similar except that the exercises and bonus information caters to
either men or women.

Overall, I think this is the best calorie shifting diet book because of the amount of detailed information you receive, plus the solid facts that every dieter needs to know in order to really make a lifestyle change in their eating habits.
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