RAMALLAH Terry Bradshaw Hoodie , Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- Fatah movement said Friday thatEgypt will send a delegation to the Gaza Strip to monitorPalestinian reconciliation government's taking office in Gaza.

The secretary of the Revolutionary Council, Majid al-Fatayani,told Xinhua that the Egyptian delegation will be responsible onadministrative and security control, as well as to remove anyobstacles that may face unity government upon assuming its dutiesin Gaza.

Egyptian side "confirmed that they will monitor the commitmentof all parties concerned to implement the reconciliationunderstandings on the ground" in the Gaza Strip Jack Lambert Hoodie , he added.

Early next week, Palestinian leadership will meet chaired byPalestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah in the West Bank todetermine the role of the government.

Abbas said in a speech to UN General Assembly Wednesday that atthe end of next week the government will go to the Gaza Strip toassume its duties.

Abbas also expressed satisfaction over "the agreement reached inCairo with Egyptian efforts that cancelled steps taken by Hamas inGaza and the commitment to enable the national unity government toexercise its full powers in the Strip and to hold generalelections."

In turn, Hamas welcomed the arrival of the consensus governmentto the Gaza Strip to exercise its full duties, and urged PresidentAbbas to cancel his latest punitive measures against the GazaStrip Jerome Bettis Hoodie , Hamas spokesman Abdul Latif al-Qanoua told Xinhua.

last Sunday, Hamas announced dissoloving of its administrativecommittee in the Gaza Strip and called on the government to "cometo the Gaza Strip to exercise its powers and carry out its dutiesimmediately," confirming to hold the general elections.

Several months ago, Hamas bloc in the Legislative Councilratified to form a "high committee" to administer the Gaza Stripand announced that it will continue as long as the Palestiniansplit exists and that it will end its work when the consensusgovernment Javon Hargrave Hoodie , formed in mid 2014, assume its responsibilities inGaza. Enditem

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