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By Michael Place

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 26 (Xinhua) -- No matter what Brazil coach Dunga tried to tell us, his side's 2-2 draw with Uruguay in their World Cup qualifier in Recife on Friday was anything but satisfactory for the Selecao.

Brazil dominated the early stages of the match only to see their 2-0 lead evaporate as Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez exposed some all-too-familiar cracks.

An error-prone defence, a midfield lacking inspiration and a forward line suffering Neymar-dependence are problems that have been discussed by Brazilian football pundits in recent years.

And they were again laid bare at Pernambuco Arena.

It must be said from the outset that Dunga's experiment to use Neymar as a so-called "false 9" has not worked.

In Brazil's past two World Cup qualifiers, Dunga has deployed Neymar in the middle of an attacking trident, with Willian to his right and Douglas Costa to his left.

Goals are clearly not everything in Neymar's game, but they are a big part of it. And the 24-year-old has had too few opportunities to score in his new role.

Just like in Brazil's 3-0 victory over Peru in November, Neymar too often found himself in possession around the halfway line with a sea of defenders between him and the goal.

To be fair, the Barcelona forward's work rate was admirable in both matches and against Uruguay he was involved in most of Brazil's best attacking moves.

But by removing Neymar from his preferred left flank, Dunga has robbed Peter to pay Paul.

The question the manager has to ask himself is this: Is Neymar's value to the team greater as a false 9 - where he is often dragged away from goal, thereby diminishing his scoring threat? Or is Brazil better served letting him sit off the shoulder of another forward, allowing him to drift inside as he does with devastating effect for Barcelona?

In some respects, Dunga's hands are tied. Brazil are suffering from a decade-long dearth of world-class centre forwards and that is probably why Dunga has persisted with 35-year-old Ricardo Oliveira. The Santos No.9 has the speed and agility of, well, a 35-year-old.

Neymar will miss Brazil's next World Cup qualifier against Paraguay in Asuncion on Tuesday due to suspension. That could provide an opportunity for Santos teenager Gabriel, who has been drafted in as the Barcelona star's replacement.

But further ahead - when Neymar returns - Dunga must look at using Roberto Firmino, who is currently injured, Gabriel or Hulk - an unused substitute against Uruguay - in a central forward role with Neymar on the left.

That would cast doubt over Costa's place in the team. The winger has been something of a revelation at Bayern Munich this season and scored for the second time in as many matches for the Selecao on Friday.

But, like many of his teammates, he faded badly against the Celeste. More significantly, his best position clashes with the best position of Neymar. And that's a problem.

Costa's withdrawal would also free up a spot for Philippe Coutinho or Oscar to fill the role Neymar played against Uruguay and Peru - as a playmaker flitting somewhere between the middle of the pitch and the final third.

Both Coutinho and Oscar started on the bench against Uruguay, much to the bewilderment of many Premier League observers.

With no disrespect to Luiz Gustavo and Fernandinho, this Brazil team needs a more authoritative, tempo-setting presence in central midfield. Deep-lying midfielders don't necessarily need to be bereft of ideas when going forward.

The defence also needs an overhaul. The spotlight is shining ever more brightly on David Luiz as he continues a hapless run of form for Brazil that dates back to his dire display in their 7-1 World Cup semifinal defeat to Germany in 2014.

Luiz was largely at fault for both of Uruguay's goals on Friday due to his loose marking. And he almost gifted Suarez a late winner when . Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys China   Wholesale Jerseys Online   Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys   Wholesale Collge Jerseys   Wholesale Nike NBA Jerseys   Wholesale MLB Jerseys   Wholesale Adidas NHL Hoodie   Wholesale Football Hats   Wholesale MLB Hats