The news has been bad for the Carolina Panthers following their Week 1 win over the Dallas Cowboys. Starting right tackle Daryl Williams re-injured his knee and is likely headed for injured reserve while he recovers from surgery. Tight end Greg Olsen re-fractured the foot that kept him out for the majority of last season. The Panthers are once again vying to produce back-to-back winning seasons for the first time in franchise history and they are being haunted by injuries. I’m not superstitious Authentic Trai Turner Jersey , but I also don’t use ‘haunted’ lightly. There might be literal ghosts perpetuating this curse on the Carolinas.That’s nice.For now, we are going to talk about all of the positive elements to come out of a win. We did win, y’all. It was close, maybe closer than it had any need to be — but we won all the same. Here are the opinions of the Cat Scratch Reader staff on the best takeaways from the Panthers season opener.Bradley SmithJanelle MooreEvan LeekleyBrian BeversluisJonathan DeLongAshley BarnettBradley and Brian seem to think this game was the harbinger of a carefully coached offense. The Panthers committed 9 penalties on Sunday and had two unlucky/dumb fumbles, only one of which they recovered. The first game jitters are gone now and the offense has a lot of potential if they can play cleanly and carefully. Remember that the Panthers were the least penalized team in the NFL in 2017.Janelle and Jonathan walked away with the same impression that most of you did: the Panthers have a hell of a defense. Janelle also raised a good point that Thomas Davis hasn’t seen the field yet. Unlike the offense Womens Torrey Smith Jersey , Eric Washington’s unit is only getting stronger.Meanwhile, Evan and Ashley saw what so many of us hoped for this offseason. Norv Turner took advantage of his players. I can’t believe I have to say this, but McCaffrey is such an obviously better pitchman on the option than Jerricho Cotchery ever could have been. They never shared a locker room in Carolina, but can you honestly tell me Shula would have made the right choice if he had them both at the same time?How about it, Panthers’ fans Authentic Cam Newton Jersey , which takeaway is the most inspiring when looking forward this season?Carolina Panthers running backs ranked No. 16 in league by ESPN A few days ago, ESPN’s Mike Clay ranked the running back depth charts of all 32 NFL teams (Insider required), and the Panthers running back committee for 2018 was listed in the middle of the pack. Let’s take a look at what Clay had to say about Carolina’s running game.My takeI think 16th is a little off from where the Panthers should rank, especially if you factor in Cam Newton’s contributions to the running game. I know the point of Clay’s ranking was to specifically point out the production from the backfield, but Newton is so important to Carolina’s success I think he should be included. With Newton’s production added in Authentic DJ Moore Jersey , I believe the Panthers’ rushing attack would rank higher than No. 16 in the league. However, it’s not a huge insult to have them ranked there, so it’s not really worth getting in a tizzy over.What do you think, Panthers fans? Where would you rank Carolina’s backfield? Is No. 16 overall too high, too low Authentic James Bradberry Jersey , or just right? Share your thoughts with us!