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Number of View :102 Boxing gloves have been around for over 3,000 years and have gone through significant changes. The most dramatic being in the beginning with the Greek Olympians using hardened leather straps to protect their knuckles.

They shared the information with the Romans Wholesale Jerseys From China , who took the sport to a whole new level in the Gladiator ring. Of course, the Romans added a few extras to the gloves resulting in the deaths and maiming of many competitors. Things were so bad that the sport was banned in 30 B.C. It did not go away entirely, however. Men still boxed bare knuckled even though unsanctioned and in many countries Wholesale Jerseys China , illegal.

While boxing gained a revival in the 17th century and boxing gloves were re introduced in the ring, they were primarily only for training. Bare knuckled was still the preferred method of being in the ring. Fighters were still being maimed and killed even though in many countries boxing as a sport was still illegal.

With the addition of the Marquis of Queensbury Rules and boxing gloves as part of the equipment in the ring in the 19th century the sport gained respect. Now sanctioned with rules of conduct it was free to progress.

And progress it has. Today there are many different boxing gloves available in youth, male and female Wholesale Jerseys , competition and non competition styles. Some people compete, others fight professionally, and a growing number of people box for exercise with a little self defense thrown in.

Boxing gloves are also required in the martial art of kickboxing. Even though primarily using the feet Cheap NFL Football Jerseys , the hands are also used in this sport so boxing gloves are essential for safety.

There are basic types of gloves, each designed for a specific purpose.
The first is the speed bag glove, little more than a pair of padded leather mittens. Since impact force isn?t the focus and speed is; only the knuckle skin of the boxer needs to be protected.

A heavier bag glove is used when working on a heavier punching bag. Here force of impact is the focus so it is important that the hands and wrists of the boxer be protected. These gloves are padded with foam and covered in sturdy leather for durability.

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