've got your own life to live and your own agenda. You know the things you want to do just for you.

So what's with all these people who are sick? I mean Rafinha Jersey , they are not your problem are they? You did not invent life. You did not create the world or the Universe did you?

It is not your responsibility because some, someone, somewhere is sick or old is it? Let us not even consider people who are starving, destitute, down on their "luck" Philipp Lahm Jersey , mentally ill or who have just made poor choices in life. It's not your is it?

You might be thinking to yourself that they are the ones who are "responsible" for their situation. You might be right. But you're certainly are not compassionate are you?

Are these words trying to put guilt on your forehead like hot coals? These words are trying to let you see, not make you see, the anguish and needs of others.

You can ignore people who are sick or old or whatever else you don't want to know about or deal with. It is OK. It is your choice. But with that choice remember that you might be sick one day. You will certainly be old one day and sooner than you ever dreamed possible.

Maybe one person who reads this will go visit someone who is all alone with his or her affliction. Maybe it is you who will show love, compassion and a caring spirit. Whether a person has aids or any other problem physically or mentally, maybe it will be you who gives your time to visit them. Maybe it is it?

In a world that is growing with more and more vile hatred maybe it is you who will be the one who drops a "pebble into the pond" and starts an outward set of waves of love that will spread out across the world.

Maybe it is maybe.

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